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Q: The horse was brought to north America by which explorers?
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What is the continental origin of horse?

The horse evolved over the continents of Europe, Asia, and North America. The horse died out in North America and was reintroduced by Spanish and viking explorers.

How did cane frogs get brought to north America?

Frogs were probably brought to america accidently on Christopher Columbus's ships or another famous explorers ships. No one has proof though for sure.

What killed the people of the new world other than weapons?

Disease brought over to the Indians of South America and North America by the Spaniards and other explorers.

When was the first guns brought to the US?

Spanish came with weapons into North/South America, so all early explorers had weapons.

What did explorers in the 14th century bring to north America?

Explorers in the 14th century did not reach North America; it wasn't until the late 15th century that European explorers like Christopher Columbus made contact. When Columbus and subsequent explorers arrived in North America, they brought new diseases, animals such as horses and pigs, plants like wheat and grapes, and technologies like metal tools and firearms, which had a significant impact on the indigenous peoples and the environment.

Why are there more Roman Catholics in Latin America than in North America?

becase Catholic explorers focused landed in North America more than they did in North America, and by the time Explorers decided to land in North America, they were mostly Protestant

Who introduced horses to north America?

Early European explorers brought the horse with them from western Europe.

Who was the second explorers in north America?


What do explorers explore?

there were many explorers and many of them ended up in north America.

When was a horse introduced to the us?

The original Spanish explorers brought horses to North America. Many of those horses were turned loose when the Spaniards returned to Spain and they intermingled with native horses (horses that came from China over the ice cap). The Mustang is the result of that interbreeding. The first importation of Spanish Arabian horses was in 1934 when James and Edna Draper (from California) imported the first purebred Arabian horses to the United States.

Who brought the Horse to the Indians?

The horses were already there for the indians.

It was good or bad christopher Columbus found north America?

One could argue that all discovery is good, but at the same time, Columbus and other explorers brought diseases to north America that nearly wiped out the natives there. This is subjective.