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Equal Justice

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Q: The idea that all Americans have the same rights and freedoms is called?
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What idea's of Aristotle are evident in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms used Aristotle's theory of natural rights as an inspiration. Natural rights are universally agreed upon by all mankind, and it is the duty of government to enforce these rights for the individual.

Natural rights are also known as?

They're also called inherent rights, basic freedoms, or natural law. If you're religious (I'm not) you may also call them God-given freedoms or rights. The idea that men were born with natural rights was the most important belief of the enlightenment period. John Locke really liked the idea of natural rights, if you want to know more you should google him. Although...... a lot of the enlightenment thinkers believed in similar theories, so that may help you too :)

What was the main idea behind President Roosevelts Four Freedoms speech?

Roosevelt believed security, civil rights, and access to basic needs were universal rights.

How did lock influence the Americans?

By proposing the idea of natural rights. These natural rights include the rights to life, liberty, and property.

What was the civil rights movment about?

The idea that all Americans had a list of rights government had to assure, even if no statute notified government of that duty.

Why did most Constitution include a bill of rights?

Because Americans have always like the idea of a limited government that is not allowed to encroach on our basic rights

Why do you think people from other countries helped Americans in The War of Independence?

They liked the idea of democracy and the freedoms that it brings , and they want to be free and not abide by the British rules and regulations

What principle established during the Enlightenment does this excerpt reflect?

The excerpt reflects the principle of individual liberty, a key idea of the Enlightenment. This principle emphasized the rights and freedoms of individuals, including personal autonomy and the protection of basic human rights.

What is the principle that the rights of individual states should prevail over the rights of the federal government?

The idea is called "states rights".

Which popular Enlightenment idea is reflected in this writing?

The idea of individual rights and freedoms, as well as the importance of reason and science over traditional beliefs and superstitions, are reflected in this writing from the Enlightenment era.

How did Lincoln approach the issue of slavery in his speeches?

He condemned slavery and affirmed the idea of African Americans' natural rights.

Why is the Bill of Rights so precious to Americans?

Americans show an appropriate appreciation of freedom - the idea that the government is not empowered to control every aspect of the individual's life. The Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments are the legal codification of that freedom.