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The Senate and the House of Representatives together make up the Congress of the US.

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the Congress.

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Q: The legislative powers of the government are given to this body which consists of a senate and a house of representatives?
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Who has the legislative powers?

the representatives.

Which atticle is concerned with the legislative branch?

Article I grants all legislative powers of federal government to the Congress divided into two chambers; the Senate and the House of Representatives.

What three types of government powers are related?

There are three branches of the government: Executive (the President), Judicial (Supreme Court) and the Legislative (the Senate and the House of Representatives).

What are the two major legislative powers?

Congress and the House of Representatives

What are the main powers of the federal government?

If you're asking about the three branches of government, they're judicial (which has the supreme court), legislative (which has the senate and house of representatives), and executive (which has the president).

What are the legislative powers of the federal government vested in?

What government powers are fused in a parliamentary government?

Executive and Legislative.

Which government is the government of enumerated poowers?

The enumerated powers are those powers given to the Legislative Branch of government, which is Congress.

Who has been given all legislative or law-making powers?

Congress. The senate and the house of representatives.

What are the Legislative branch parts and powers?

Parts: The Senate and The House of Representatives. Powers: They can make new laws or change existing laws.

What divides the powers of government among the executive legislative and judicial branches?

Separation of powers.

What governmental powers are fused in a parliamentary government?

Executive and legislative.