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The local level of government which most visibly affects the daily lives of citizens.

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Q: The level of government which most visibly affects the daily lives of citizens is?
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What is something the government does that affects you on a daily basis?

Government creates laws and regulations which affect you on a daily basis. Government also collects taxes to build roads, bridges, hospitals and schools which also affects your daily life.

What level of government most affects daily lives?

local governments

What is the government control of daily life in Sparta and Athens?

They were democracies, so the government responded to th citizens.

The state government affects people's lives more on a daily basis than the national government does.?


What aspects of citizens daily lives does the government control the book the giver?

In "The Giver," the government controls citizens' daily lives by assigning their roles in society, regulating their behavior through strict rules and consequences, and monitoring their activities through surveillance. The government also manipulates citizens' emotions and memories to maintain order and conformity within the community.

How does the queen affect the daily lives of her citizens?

The Queen of England does not necessary effect the lives of her citizens as their government is set up very similar to ours. She is more of a figure than a government entity.

What statement best describes daily life in the Soviet Union for common citizens?

Citizens had little access to consumer goods and worked for the benefit of the government. - apex

What are the side affects of daily masterburation in men?

Daily orgasms!

According to Thomas Jefferson the primary role of the federal government does not include?

interfering with the daily lives of individual citizens.

How gravity affects your daily lives?

Gravity affects us in our daily lives because it keeps us from floating away and off the Earth.

Who were the ordinary citizens of ancient rome?

Please clarify what you mean by "daily citizens".

Was the consent of the governed an important idea in Italy?

Consent of the governed is an important idea in Italy because it shapes how bout the government and the daily lives of citizens are lived. It uses established moral and legal standards to grant power to the government while still giving an element of control to citizens.