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The Colonists fought to protect certain liberties. These liberties were based on their belief to pursue happiness and religious freedoms.

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consensus of the population

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Q: The liberties that the colonists fought to protect were based on?
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The American colonists based their right to revolt against Britains authority on the claim that?

their rights as British subjects had been violated.Taxation without representation

Are civil liberties absolute or qualified?

An absolute right is one that cannot be infringed upon, while a qualified right is where the state can lawfully interfere. Civil liberties fall under a third classification, which is a restricted right. Liberty can be restricted if a person commits a crime that warrants an imprisonment.

How did colonist pick sides during the Reolutionary War?

During the Revolutionary War in America, colonists picked sides for a variety of reasons. Some chose one side or another out of loyalty to family or their local community. Some chose sides based on calculations as to who was most likely to win. Some chose sides based on value-commitments and political (and philosophical) ideas; for example, many patriots believed that large, insensitive, oppressive government was a basic evil that must be fought, even if the fight does not promise to be successful.

The British hired nearly 30000 troops from Germany to help them fight the colonists These mercenaries are based on who's people?

Don't understand the question -BUT- The German mercenary troops were known as "The Hessians."

Is constitution that some puritan colonists wrote to govern themselves was the?

it guaranteed religious freedom for all protestants not just puritans and granted the vote based on property ownership instead of church membership.

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The colonists fought to protect liberties which they believed were?

Discoverable in nature and history, based on a "higher law", essential to human progress, and ordained by God.

Which generalization about democracy is most valid?

The most valid generalization about democracy is that it is a system of government based on the principle of majority rule while protecting the rights of minority groups and individuals. It allows for regular, free, and fair elections, as well as the protection of civil liberties and human rights.

How did William Blackstone's ideas about common-law influenced the American colonists?

William Blackstone's ideas on common law, as articulated in his work "Commentaries on the Laws of England," had a profound influence on the American colonists. They adopted Blackstone's belief in the importance of inherited rights, protections for property, and the idea of a government bound by law. His writings helped shape the colonists' views on individual liberties and the importance of a legal system based on precedent.

The founding fathers based their notion of civil liberties on John Locke's writings on . The Foundations of Civil Liberties Select the best answer from the choices provided. aristocracy large governme?

natural rights

What was the colonists' economy based on?

commerce, handcrafts and farming

Why did the colonists fear the stamp act?

The Colonists feared the Stamp Act because they did not have much money, and because the Stamp Act was based on many of the Colonists daily uses.

What was the economy of french and dutch colonists based on?

The economy of French and Dutch colonist was based on an agricultural economy based on African slavery

Without the protection of civil liberties how would life be like in the US?

Do we even want to begin to think of what life would be like? Civil liberties are here to protect all American citizens. With as much violence and hatred that still exists in America, civil liberties is protection from that violence and hatred. For starters racism STILL exists in America. Racial discrimination still exists as well. Now we have sexual discrimination and discrimination based up a chosen sexuality. Without those civil liberties there would be countless numbers of death, an increased rate of crime, the continuous prejudice against whomever via mass media, religion would cease to be a place of humane equality. Religious institutions would only house those who are completely indulged in the faith. Homosexuals would be beaten and abused on higher scales. I'm sure discrimination against African Americans and other minorities will be on the rise as well. America needs civil liberties to protect everyday people.

What is the difference between rights based concept of policing versus a utilitarian crime control model?

A rights-based concept of policing focuses on protecting individual rights and liberties, ensuring fair treatment, and upholding due process for all individuals, even those accused of crimes. In contrast, a utilitarian crime control model prioritizes reducing crime rates and maintaining public safety through strategies such as deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation, often at the expense of certain individual rights or freedoms.

The English colonists brought with them their rights as Englishmen Some of these rights were based on the?

the magna carta

What English people fought the native Americans?

It was largely based on cultural clash, misunderstanding and a land grab on the part of the US

What are civil liberties best defined as?

Civil liberties are the rights of the people to speak, think, assemble, organize, worship, or petition without fear of government intervention. These rights are protected by the Constitution.