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The main reason the Louisiana territory was sold to the US was because the seller, France was broke following recent war expenses. The Louisiana Territory roughly encompassed 13 central and western states, from Louisiana to Montana.

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Q: The main reason the Louisiana territory was sold to the US was because the seller?
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Where did Thomas Jefferson buy the Louisiana Territory?

He had his Ambassador to France contact Napoleon I who was more than happy to unload this territory for 15 million dollars.

Did Napoleon Bonaparte buy the Louisiana Purchase?

No, he was the seller, and the US was the buyer.

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France was the seller and the US was the buyer.The price was $15 million.and $219 million in 2010 dollars-3MO_B3A

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Did Napoleon Bonaparte ever visit Louisiana territory?

Napoleon had a vision of a renewed western empire for France, and his schemes included the recapture of Louisiana from Spain. Control over this vast territory would halt the westward expansion of the young United States and would supply French colonies in the West Indies with the goods they needed. In 1800, Napoleon signed the secret Treaty of Ildefonso with Spain, an agreement that stipulated that France would provide Spain with a kingdom for the son-in-law of Spain's king if Spain would return Louisiana to France. However, Napoleon's plan collapsed when the twelve-year revolt of slaves and free blacks in the French colony of Saint-Domingue succeeded, forcing French troops to return defeated to France and preventing them from reaching their ultimate destination--Louisiana--and from being able to defend it. As Napoleon's New World empire disintegrated, the loss of Haiti made Louisiana unnecessary.

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