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Call for cloture

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Q: The main way to end a filibuster is by?
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The main way to end a filibuster is by invoking the Cloture Rule True Or False?


Way to end a filibuster?

the Cloture rule

What is the main way to end a filibuster?

Invoking the Cloture Rule. Page 344 in Magruder's AM book.

Can a filibuster end?


How you end a filibuster?

Soil yourself

What vote is called to end a filibuster?


What is a vote to end a filibuster?

No vote can end a fillibuster. A fillibuster ends only when the person who has the floor sits down, leaves the chamber or cannot continue to speak.

Can the speaker of the house end a filibuster?

No. The filibuster is a procedure used in the Senate. The Speaker of the House is the leader of the House of Representatives.

Is there a way to get a filibuster to shut up?

The only way is to cloture the filibuster. To do so, at least 3/5 (60 senators) of the Senate must agree.

How do congress end a filibuster?

Not having enough votes to pass it

How do you filibuster?

3/5ths of senators must vote to end it

Is the tactic of delaying a vote to force a bills sponsor to withdraw the measure?

The answer is Filibuster. Filibuster also talks a bill to death, and a cloture can end that.