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Q: The major purpose of slave codes was to regulate the owners' treatment of the slave?
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What did many southern states use to limit civil rights during reconstruction?

black codes

What was the name of local and state laws passed to take away African American rights?

black codes

What was the purpose of the 35th amendment?

The purpose was to give former slaves the right to vote. But this did not include black women. The goverment created this amendment because people living in the South passed laws called the Jim Crow Laws. They discriminated against all blacks. The difference between these laws and Black Codes was that Jim Crow Laws involved blacks and whites and was after the Civil War, but Black codes were before the war and only involved blacks. An example of a Jim Crow Law would be one bathroom for black men and one for white men.

What are cop codes?

Cop codes, also referred to more formally as "police codes," are abbreviations used by law enforcement when they are in an emergency. Every profession has its own codes, which are understood by members of that profession and can be used to save time and make communication more concise. Many of these codes use numbers. For example, "10-14" is a request to check the license plate of a suspicious car to see if it is stolen. A "10-31" is a robbery in progress (or in some cities, this code is used just for a general crime that is in progress). And sometimes, the codes use letters, such as DUI (driving under the influence; called OWI in some states, for operating while intoxicated); or DOA (dead on arrival). Police departments in different cities have their own special codes, and their own special slang.

How did the first us national government raise money?

The slave codes