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The major reason for a nation having a written constitution is to have a system of laws. This rule of law helps the nation provide policies and regulations to keep the peace.

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Q: The major reason for a nation having a written constitution is to?
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How many reasons are given for the adoption of the constitution?

How many reason are giving for the constitution

Is John Quincy Adams the father of the constitution?

No, John Q. Adams was not a contributor to the writing of the Constitution. James Madison is the man known as the father of the Constitution with good reason.

The main reason the constitution dealt specifically with the crime of treason was that?


Which country has the oldest written constitution?

Depending on what constitutes a written constitution and what doesn't, the question as to what country has the world's oldest written constitution is of great debate since there is no clear answer. Although San Marino is the world's oldest constitutional republic still in existence whereby its laws were established in 1600, the Constitution of San Marino may or may not be classified as the world's oldest since in effect, documents dating from the year 1600 were statutes and neither in the form of what is considered a traditional constitution in format. These statutes written in 1600 were known as the Leges Statutae Republicae Sancti Marini which consisted of six books. Likewise, the Declaration of Civil Rights was not ratified and approved until 1974. Therefore, the Constitution of San Marino as is debated, is not derived from one clear or single written source. Another serious contender for the world's oldest written constitution would be the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, drafted in the Colony of Connecticut in 1638. Although a written and codified constitution, it has been out of use for almost 400 years. Contrary to belief, the United Kingdom does not have a codified or written constitution. Likewise, the Magna Carta, signed by King John in 1215, is not a written constitution as it is a legal charter. The English Bill of Rights, ratified by an act of Parliament in 1689, is not a written constitution since it is in statutory form. Also, the British Constitution in its current form and for that matter, English Common Law, is not derived from a single source which can be identified as a written constitution. The Corsican Constitution, drawn up, written in Italian, and ratified in 1755, may very well be the world's oldest written constitution since like the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut which came before it, was codified. However, like the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, the Corsican Constitution is no longer in use or in effect today. The Swedish Constitution of 1772, was also a written and codified constitution like those used in Connecticut and Corsica. However, like those constitutions, the Swedish Constitution of 1772 is no longer used or in effect today. As another strong contender as the world's oldest written constitution, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts drafted and adopted its state constitution in 1780. The Constitution of Massachusetts, as a single source and as a written constitution, is the oldest of all 50 state constitutions in the United States which is still in use and in effect today. The Articles of Confederation, drafted on November 15, 1777 and ratified by the Second Continental Congress on March 1, 1781, was the first written and codified constitution of the United States. However, the Articles of Confederation is no longer in use as it was thus replaced by the second and final constitution which came thereafter. Stemming from and advocated in 85 articles known as the Federalist Papers which were written in the years 1787 and 1788, the United States Constitution might be the world's oldest written constitution for the valid reason that it is the world's only constitution still in effective use that is derived from one single source unlike all other constitutions around the world which claim to have been written before it. Drafted on September 17, 1787 by the Framers and ratified on June 21, 1788 at the Philadelphia Convention, the United States Constitution as a single source and codified. is also the world's shortest constitution.

How is the preamble like a mission statement of the US Constitution?

The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution lays out the principles and goals outlined in the body of document. It clearly states the Constitution's purpose and reason for existing.

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Why was the preamble of the constitution?

it was written to tell the reason for writing the constitution

What is the reason for having the constitution?

The constitution is a written statement that outlines the basic rules, rights and responsibilities of a country. If people abide by the constitution our country will be in order and be more stable.

What was thee main reason that the Constitution was written?

It was made so you would bend over backwards and suck your own balls. :P

What are three reasons the US Constitution was created?

The reasons for writing the constitution were: 1. There were problems with the Articles of Confederation (AofC) which served as the constitution before this one. This is the main reason. 2. Another reason is that we needed another form of government and the constitution gave us two branches that was the judicial branch and the executive branch 3. To further explain the laws of the AofC which were sometimes unclear. 4. To create a constitution which could be changed and serve as a living document for a better government. 5. To show to the world that the U.S. was a free nation that with a strong government and would become a great political power. 6. The colonists felt that a new constitution was needed after the nation was completely independent.

What provision made it illegal for Japan to declare war on another nation?

Article Nine of the Japanese constitution explicitly forbids Japan from maintaining a military or using force internationally for any reason.

Two reasons why states wanted written constitutions?

One reason the states wanted a written constitution was so everyone's rights were clearly spelled out. The other reason was so that the limitations placed on the government would not be in dispute. The people of the states wanted no ambiguity either way.

Constitution was made in what era?

The Constitution was made in the era called the Age of Reason.

How many reasons are given for the adoption of the constitution?

How many reason are giving for the constitution

What is the reason that a civil war more devastating for a nation than a war between 2 or more nations?

because the confederate states were actually another nation since they had a constitution and all that. therefore the southerners were angry when they joined the united states again and the northerners couldn't believe the nation had been divided and they didn't trust the southerners.

What did the 1795 do to the government in France?

The Tennis Court Oath was when the national assembly would not disband the tenis court until they had a new constitution. This happened and was called the Constitution of 1791. It was the first written constitution of France. There was still a king but the national assembly made the laws. Only men over 25 could vote but its main significance was that it was the first written constitution of France.

Reason for the failing of Articles of Confederation?

The Articles of Confederation were not specific enough. Until the Constitution was written and the Bill of Rights were added, states such as Virginia refused to sign.

Countries without constitution and reason?

Great Britain, New Zealand and Israel. Reason is basically they never evolved as nations where a constitution was proposed or needed. They do have legislation covering many aspects found in other nations consitutions but operate very well without such a formal document. One of the benefits of not having one in a democracy like NZ with just one house of government the majority people's consent (referendum) is not needed to change a lot of minor aspects of the nation. New Zealand does however have a powerful Bill of Rights that protects its citizens.