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Media conglomerates

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Innovation entreprenurs

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Q: The media industry is dominated by which of the following?
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What was the new industry dominated by?

the new industry was dominated by machinery and manufacturing.

The media industry is characterized by an oligopolistc market structure because of which of the following?

Centralization of ownership

What industry was dominated in new England?

duck industry

When did the magnetic and optical recording media industry begin?

The magnetic and optical recording media industry is a modern phenomenon, its emergence stemming from technological advancements that began following World War II

Who dominated the desktop publishing industry?


Andrew carnegie dominated what industry?


What segments of the sporting and athletic goods industry dominated the industry by 2002?

Exercise/fitness equipment, golf, and outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, and camping, dominated the industry in 2002.

Who dominated the steel industry?

Andrew carnegie

Who invented the dominated steel industry?

china tower

Who dominated the oil industry in the 1880s?

John D. Rockefeller. Apex :)

Which is the market structure of the media industry?

Market structure of the media industry: Oligopoly

What is market structure in the media industry?

Oligopoly :)