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promoting trade and communication with the Old Northwest

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Q: The national road was constructed primarily for the purpose of?
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What town in Maryland began the national road?

It was Cumberland, Maryland. The "national road" or "Cumberland Road" was constructed by the federal government beginning in 1811. It was paved as far westward as Wheeling, West Virginia by 1818 and Vidalia, Illinois by 1839 (at which time construction was ended). Planning for the road was started by President Thomas Jefferson in 1806.

The incan road system was built primarily for the purpose of what?

The Incan road system, known as the Qhapaq Γ‘an, was primarily built for communication, transportation, and trade throughout the Inca Empire. It served as a vital network connecting the vast territories of the empire, facilitating the movement of people, goods, and information.

When was the Great Ocean Road constructed?

The Great Ocean Road was initially surveyed between 1918 and 1919, and constructed between 1919 and 1932. The official opening of the final section of the road was on 27 April 1932.

Which road connected Ohio with the east?

National road

What is the name of the road system that provides access to strategic points across the us for the purpose of defense transportation?

National highway system

When was National Road created?

National Road was created in 1811.

Who is the builder of the national road?

The builder of the national road was your mom!

What is the name of the national road?

The name of the national road varies by country. In the United States, it is called the National Highway System.

What is the name of the road system that provides access to strategic points across the United states for the purpose of defense transportation?

national highway system

What year was Abu Dhabi's first paved road constructed?


How many miles of road did the Incas build?

Inca laborers constructed 13,000 miles (20,930 kilometers) of road.

What road was originally built to connect the Potomac River with the Ohio River?

the national road (studyisland)