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appointment of John Marshall to the U.S. Supreme Court

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Q: The nationalism of the era of good feeling is most clearly evident in the what?
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The nationalism of the era of good feeling is most clearly evident in the?

This is one of my questions on my final and I am so confused.

The period of nationalism after the war of 1812 was called what?

era of good feeling

Which is not a good example of musical nationalism?

Popular music (Billboard hits) are not a good example of musical nationalism.

Why did all the countries in the Austro-Hungarian Empire want to be free?

I think it was because of nationalism, because all the countries felt so in love with themselves that they thought that since they were so good they shouldn't be controlled by another country. all countries in Europe were experiencing a feeling of nationalism at this time

Is nationalism inherently a bad or good concept?

It is good for one to take pride in his/her country but nationalism is bad in the fact that it can lead to world wars and authoritarian government.

What is the importence of charkha?

nothing but it is is very good in nationalism

Who came first nation or nationalism?

That is a very good question. That question can be split into two other questions : "Can there be a nation without nationalism?" and "Can there be nationalism without a nation?" Looking at these two questions, I would say that nationalism comes first.

What role did nationalism play during the Era of Good Feeling?

During the time of kargil war in the year 1998 people of india fill unique nationalalism. According the history of national movemene of india the kargil war of 1998 is called the era good filling.

What is the Greek word for feeling good?

feeling good = aisthanomai kala

What were five things that president Monroe did to further unify the nation and bolster US nationalism?

Era of good feelings Economic Nationalism Cultural Nationalism Monroe Doctrine Floridia Purchase Treaty

nationalism as a force in the world?

To my view nationalist is good for protection of poor countries from biening flooded with cheap goods rich . However, nationalism is not good in terms of free movement of people.

When was The Feeling Good Handbook created?

The Feeling Good Handbook was created in 1989.