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in 1648 the nature of state system was formed..this day is so important in the history of international relations moreover an agreement or treaty is signed between the euoropeon countries after the 30 years of war called as treaty of westphalia and basically it fought to get the hegemony interms of religeon..the root of state system give us asense of morality and a sense of sprituality.territorial revolution is the concept of nature of state system.

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The modern state system was formed by state's rights. The Constitution allows for these rights to give more power to the people and less to the government.

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Q: The nature and development of modern state system?
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Where is The modern state is normally held to be?

The modern state is normally held to be a recent development.

How do hobs and Locke and Rousseau understand the state of nature diffrently?

Hobbes believed that the state of nature was a condition of constant war and conflict, where life was "nasty, brutish, and short." Locke saw the state of nature as characterized by natural rights and cooperation, with individuals having the right to life, liberty, and property. Rousseau viewed the state of nature as a peaceful and egalitarian state, only corrupted by the development of society and civilization.

What are the modern elements of state distinguish the state from nature?

The modern elements of a state include a defined territory, a permanent population, a government, and the ability to enter into relations with other states. These elements distinguish the state from nature by providing a structure for organized governance, with established borders, institutions, and the capacity to interact diplomatically with other states. Nature, on the other hand, lacks these elements of organization and governance.

How did the modern state of Iran with its current political system come to exist?

They didnt

In what ways does the international system resemble Thomas Hobbes's view of the state of nature?

strong nations....

How did Augustus affect modern society?

Octavian effected modern society with his royal court system and the destruction of the sovereign Jewish state.

What has the author Erik Baark written?

Erik Baark has written: 'Man, Nature and Technology' 'Technological change and cultural impact in Asia and Europe' -- subject(s): Social aspects, Social aspects of Technology, Technology 'Science and technology for development in the United Nations system' -- subject(s): International agencies, Science and state, Technology and state, United Nations 'Technological Development in China, India, and Japan'

What were Jean Jacques Rousseau beliefs?

Rousseau thought society was greater than the individual. Through the individual's involvement in society, one could succeed. He believed that humans were rational (like Locke) and believed in a state of nature. Now, a state of nature is the imaginative idea of a world without government. We would still have a modern society but not an government. With that in mind, Rousseau believed human beings would be rational and run society for the greater good if a state of nature existed.Also, Rousseau also criticized Hobbes often for his idea that humans were naturally greedy people, and that Hobbes' idea could not be rationally used in the state of nature.

What development was influenced by enlightenment?

The development of modern democratic principles and the emphasis on reason and individual rights were influenced by the Enlightenment movement. This period also promoted scientific inquiry and the separation of church and state.

What is state led development?

State led development is where the Government leads the development in an economy.

How can you use state of nature in a sentence?

t have a lot of state of nature

How would John Locke rid evil?

Enforce the rule of government and a system of law and order, artificial to a 'state of nature'.