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political parties

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Q: The nomination of candidates for President is an example of the influence of which group or entity in the interpretation of the Constitution?
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Which action is an example of how political parties have helped shaped the country and interpret the constitution?

The nomination of candidates for President

Which action is an example of how political parties have helped shape the country and interpret the constitution?

The nomination of candidates for President

Where does the president officially receive nomination?

Nowadays, this occurs at the convention of his party. Years ago candidates for nomination did not always come to the convention and so had to be notified at home or wherever they were.

What is the meaning of direct nomination?

The nomination or designation of candidates for public office by direct popular vote rather than through the action of a convention or body of elected nominating representatives or delegates. The term is applied both to the nomination of candidates without any nominating convention, and, loosely, to the nomination effected, as in the case of candidates for president or senator of the United States, by the election of nominating representatives pledged or instructed to vote for certain candidates dssignated by popular vote.

What is the order of events from candidate to president?

nomination meeting, compaigning, discussing the candidates, political rally, voting and the winner

Where are presidential candidates officially nominated?

A candidate that is running for President receives their nomination at their party's convention. This is a meeting that is held to announce the results of an election.

1776-1787 how did candidates campaign?

None. There was no constitution in this time and no candidates. It wasn't until 1789 that Washington became President.

What presidential candidates have been from Maine?

James G. Blaine. Senator from Maine, was the Republican nominee for president in 1884, but lost to Cleveland. Edmund Muskie, vice-presidential candidate in 1968, was the front-runner for the Democratic nomination in 1972 but lost the nomination.

How did President Jefferson overstep the President's power?

According to Jefferson's interpretation of the Constitution, he himself overstepped the bounds of Presidential power when he signed off on Napoleon's offer of the Louisiana Purchase. Alexander Hamilton had a more expansive interpretation of the Constitution, which is what has prevailed over the past 224 years.

When do candidates declare their intention to run for president?

Yes, in effect. Candidates for office who are nominated by major parties must accept the nomination in order to have it confirmed and start the campaign. Long ago, some presidential candidates did not say in advance that they would accept the nomination, but nowadays, all run in the primaries and start raising money more than a year in advance of the election. People who have not declared can get write-in votes, but never nearly enough to be elected president or congressman. In some small towns, people who did not run have been elected mayor.

Who elects the vice president?

Candidates for president and vice-president run as a team- they are elected as a team by the voters through an indirect process spelled out in the US Constitution. A body known as the electoral college officially elects the president and vice-president but the voters choose the electors based on the candidates they promise to vote for.

What steps does the constitution provide for the selection of the president?

The Constitution gives rules about the basic qualifications of a US president, including the requirement to be born in the US. It also provides for elections to be conducted in order to choose among the candidates.