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Q: The number of Union Territories along the Western eastern coasts?
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Why did the eastern half survive 1000 more years than the western half in rome?

The eastern roman empire was able to stay strong because Constantinople and other eastern cities were on trade routes. The economic gains from trade of spices and other items from far east guaranteed wealth and stability. The eastern empire was able to stay rich and strong and then it became known as the Byzantine Empire. :)

What was the immigration act of 1929?

Only 150,000 immigrants per year were allowed in to the U.S.A. There were to be no asians at all. Northern and western Europeans were to be allocated 85% of all places. The intention of the nationality based quotas was to restrict the number of people from southern and eastern Europe, Japan and china. By 1930, immigration from these areas had virtually stopped.

Who is the number 1 Cancer Center in America?

Western Regional Medical Center Western Regional Medical Center helps lots and lots of people in America by telling them what is wrong with them and how they can solve that problem. They are very generous and have a charity which keeps them with enough money to get the supplies they need for that particular person.

How did congress attempt to resolve the dispute between north and the south regarding slavery in the territories?

Congress attempted to resolve the north and south disputes that lead up to the civil war by enacting a number of agreed upon compromises that they hoped would appease both sides of the country.

The Eastern Roman Empire capital of Byzantium received a name change after a famous emperor's death The new name became what?

Byzantium was an ancient Greek city which under Roman rule become Romanised. The emperor Constantine the Great designated it as the imperial capital. He had it redeveloped and he renamed it after himself: Constantinople, which means City of Constantine. This new name was already in use during his lifetime. After Constantine, Constantinople became the imperial capital of the eastern part of the Roman Empire. After his death Milan, which had been designated as the imperial capital of the western part of the empire by his predecessor (Diocletian), resumed its role as the capital of the western part. Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1453. The use of the name Constantinople continued. However, the Turks also called it Istanbul. With the establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1922, Istanbul became the sole name of this city.

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How many number of union territories along with western and eastern coast?


The number of Union Territories along the western and eastern coasts?

Eastern Coast :1) Pondichery2) Andaman and Nicobar IslandsWestern Coast :1) Lakshadweep2) Daman and Diu3) Dadra and Nagar Haveli

What part of Europe-eastern or western- has a great number of languages in the smallest geographic area?

Eastern Europe probably has a greater number of languages, but is larger than Western Europe.

What area has higher elevation western or eastern Brazil?

Western heyy guys call my number at (803)444-3486

Who was the Tamil people?

The number of Tamil people living in the world today is about 77 million, mainly India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mauritius and Malaysia. From the 3rd century BCE they inhabited the western and eastern coasts of what is now Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Tamil is one of the worlds oldest written languages. Tamils were noted for their religious and mercantile activities

The eventually lead to the split between the Eastern Orthodox church and the Western Catholic Church?

The split between the Eastern Orthodox and the western Catholic Churches was caused by a number of different factors. Namely, neither side could decide on the Pope's role in the church, or the scope of his authority.

Did the roman have 300 emperors?

No. The Romans had an official total of 178 emperors. This number covers the entire empire, western part and eastern part.

What divisions of the empire were made by the Diocletian?

.Diocletian created main four administrative divisions called praetorian prefectures. Two of them were in the western part of the empire; Galliae (Gaul, Britannia and Hispania) and Italia et Africa. Two were in the eastern part of the empire; Illyricum (most of south-eastern Europe) and Oriens (southern Romania, Bulgaria, the Roman territories in western Asia and Egypt). Below these the empire was further subdivided into 16 dioceses and about 120 provinces. Diocletian more than doubled the number of Roman provinces by subdividing them). The praetorian prefectures and the dioceses were his creations.

What is the time zone NUMBER for Florida?

The majority of Florida is located in the UTC-5 time zone (eastern time), with parts of the western panhandle in UTC-6 (central time).

Did eastern Rome assist western Rome as it fell?

There was not such thing as an Eastern Rome. There are the terms Eastern Roman Empire and Western Roman Empire. However, they have been coined by historians. The Romans did not use these terms. To them there was only one empire: the Roman Empire. The emperor of the eastern Roman Empire, Leo I the Thracian, supported the appointment of Anthemius as emperor of the western part of the empire to prevent the proclamation as emperor of a man who was a friend of the Vandals. The Vandals had conquered Tunisia and were carrying out naval attacks on the coasts of Italy and Greece. They also had sacked Rome and taken slaves to Tunisia. Leo and Anthemius combined the resources of the two parts of the empire to put together a massive joint fleet to launch a large scale naval attack on Tunisia. The expedition was a failure due to a mistake by its commander. The Romans lost a large number of ships and many lives. The failure also has had a big economic cost because the expedition was very expensive. Joint action did not occur again.

What was the land mass of the Roman Republic?

Originally the Roman Republic was small. It comprised just Rome and territories in the region nearby. Over the course of some 400 years it greatly expanded. Much of Rome's imperial expansion occurred during the Republican period. It took over most of the areas around the Mediterranean Sea and comprised parts of western Europe, south-eastern Europe, western Asia and north Africa. It took over Italy and its islands (Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica), Portugal, most of Spain, the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, western Turkey and part of central Turkey, Syria, the coast of Libya and eastern Algeria, Tunisia, and Gaul (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland south of the River Rhine and Germany west of the Rhine). The Roman Republic also had a number of client states (states which were independent, but subordinated to Rome): Thrace (most of Bulgaria plus north-eastern Greece), Lycia, Galatia, Pamphilia and Cappadocia in central Turkey, Armenia (in eastern Turkey), Judea and Mauretania (northern Morocco and the coast of eastern Algeria).

Why has there been an increase in the number of Eastern European migrants in the UK?

Many countries from Eastern Europe have joined the European Union since 2004. This makes it easier for them to travel to other European countries to get work. A lot of people from eastern European countries have travelled to countries in western Europe where there is more work, so a lot of eastern Europeans have gone to the United Kingdom.