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Daniel Webster

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Q: The only member of President Tyler's Whig cabinet who did not resign in protest over his policies was?
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Tylers refusal to carry out his own whig partys policies?

Split the Whigs and caused the entire cabinet except Webster to resign. (right from the packet, my friend)

What is tylers last name?


Who where John Tylers kids?

Phil bob joe and ricky boob

Who was John Tylers vise president?

John Tyler had no vice-president. Tyler was never elected President. He was William Henry Harrison's running mate in 1840. When President Harrison died shortly after his inauguration, Vice-President Tyler assumed the duties of the presidency. However, the Constitution at that time was unclear whether Tyler only assumed the duties of the president, and kept the title of Vice-President, or whether he actually became President. Also, there was no provision in the Constitution for creating a Vice-President when the former Vice-President took over the duties of the President. So no Vice-President was created while Tyler was acting as President. Tyler's term ended in 1844 and he was not re-elected.

Why is John Tyler famous?

President: John Tyler (1790 - 1862)Term: April 4, 1841 - March 4, 1845Background: Tyler was the second of eight children born in Charles City County, Virginia to John Tyler Sr. and Mary Armistead. He's the first President to be born after the ratification of the Constitution of the United States. He was brought up to understand the Constitution of the United States and for it to be made clear to him. He studied at the College of William and Mary, later studying law with his father. He was admitted to the bar in 1809, and practice in Charles City County. During the year of 1811, he was given a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. In 1813, he became a captain of volunteer military company, and in the year of 1816, he was named a member of the council of state. Following this, he became a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia's 23rd district during the time of December 17, 1816 to March 3, 1821. During the time from December 10, 1825 to March 4, 1827, Tyler was the 23rd Governor of Virginia. Right after this, Tyler became the United States Senator from March 4, 1827 to February 29, 1836. He then became the 39th President pro tempore of the United States Senate from March 3, 1835 to December 6, 1835. From March 4, 1841 to April 4, 1841, he was the 10th Vice-President of the United States under the Presidency of William Henry Harrison.Political Party: Whig, independent, DemocraticVice-President: noneMajor Domestic Policy: During the time of Tyler's presidency, Henry Clay (who was a Whig leader) created a plan for a third bank of the United States. Congress passed the new Treasury bill, while Tyler was strongly to opposed this issue. This bill was established in hopes of bringing back the National Band resembling that one Jackson dismantled. He vetoed the bill due to the fact that he believed the bill was unconstitutional and stuck to his states rights belief. He felt that the not all states want a National Bank, causing him to veto it. Congress then passed a similar bill with different wording in hopes of getting Tyler to sign this bill. Tyler eventually vetoed this bill and resulted with the alienation his whole cabinet. As a result, the entire cabinet resigned from their positions, except for Daniel Webster. Daniel Webster later resigned after completing the Webster-Ashburton treaty, putting an end to all conflict between the United States and Canada. Texas had declared its independence from Mexico five years before Tyler took office. Tyler then sought to make a political party in hopes of annexing Texas, but once Texas heard of this, they threatened war. Tyler made a bad mistake by appointing John C. Calhoun as sectary of state. Tyler then created a bill for the annexation of Texas, and received majority of the votes in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Texas was also annexed on March 1st, but only became a state on December 29, 1845.Major Foreign Policy: As conflict grew between United States and Canada, Tyler ratified the Webster-Ashburton treaty. This treaty put an end to conflict between the Maine and Canada border. This treaty also fixed the border between the Lake of the Woods and Lake Superior. This conflict was later called the Aroostook War, but there were no casualties. During the end of Tyler's presidency, James K. Polk received Presidency on the issue of annexing Texas. Tyler took this idea, and on March 1st, 1845, Texas was annexed to the United States, but would only become a state on December 29, 1845.Court Case:• Commonwealth v. Hunt (1842)-Allowed for the existence of trade organizations and legalized unions to perform strikes.Intellectual and Social Developments:• Manufacturing was growing more and more as the Irish Immigrants were moving to American and coming to work in the factories. Also because of the new technology that is being produced.• Texas was annexed on March first, but was only later to become a state on December 29, 1845.Tyler's Legacy: John Tyler was known for being a considerate, yet stubborn man. He was the first president to go into office after the previous president died during his term. He was often called the "Acting President" and "His Accidency" because of his gain into office after the death of Harrison, and also due to people believing he didn't have the political skills to be president. He was also known as the "Honest John" because he was affectionate and compassionate to the people. Tyler also never had a Vice-President for his entire term. He will always be known for annexing Texas into the United States. He was also the first president who endorsed the separation of Church and State. He was known for being very stubborn, and not wanting to compromise with Congress. This frustrated people from within his own political part. Tyler will also be known for using all of his Presidential powers. By using the power to veto, he gave evidence that the system worked.

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Tylers refusal to carry out his own whig partys policies?

Split the Whigs and caused the entire cabinet except Webster to resign. (right from the packet, my friend)

What was Jonh Tylers profession?

Lawyer, Governor of Virginia, US Representative, US Senator, US President

What is tylers name?

President Tyler's full name was John Tyler. he liked aplle pie with crust

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first VP to succeed to President, and the annexation of Texas from Mexico... that's about it really

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John Tyler became president in 1841 and Letitia Tyler died in 1842

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