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The only method that has been used to propose amendments to the Constitution has been by a two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress. The second method, which has never been used, calls for two-thirds of all state legislatures to call for a Constitutional convention.

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A two-thirds vote of each house is the only method of amending the Constitution that has been used to date. As of May 2014, 27 Amendments have been approved.

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two-thirds vote

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Q: The only method of amending the Constitution that has been used to date is by?
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What will be the process of amending the Indian Constitution?

The Indian Constitution is the supreme law of India, which outlines the framework and functioning of the government, the fundamental rights of citizens, and the powers and responsibilities of the different branches of government. Over time, amendments to the Constitution have been made to keep up with changing societal norms and the evolution of the legal landscape. The process of amending the Indian Constitution is outlined in Article 368, which specifies two methods by which amendments can be made. The first method involves the introduction of a bill to amend the Constitution in either house of the Indian Parliament. The bill must then be passed by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting in each house. Once the bill is passed, it must be ratified by the President of India, who is the head of the Indian state. The second method of amending the Indian Constitution involves a constitutional convention. This method has never been used to date. In this method, a national convention of elected representatives from all states and territories of India would be convened, and the proposed amendment would need to be passed by a two-thirds majority of the convention. The Indian Constitution has been amended over 100 times since its adoption in 1950. Amendments have been made to address issues such as citizenship, property rights, and the creation of new states. The Constitution has also been amended to expand the powers of the government, including the establishment of special courts and the inclusion of new fundamental rights. Amending the Indian Constitution is a legal process that involves the introduction of a bill in Parliament or a constitutional convention, followed by a two-thirds majority vote in both houses of Parliament or the convention. The Indian Constitution has been amended numerous times over the years, reflecting the evolving legal landscape and changing societal norms.

The constitution allows congress to call a convention to propose an amendment if it has been requested by a two thirds majority vote of?

both houses of Congress or by two thirds of the state legislatures. This method of proposing amendments is known as a constitutional convention. However, to date, no constitutional convention has been called through this method, and all 27 amendments to the Constitution have been proposed by Congress.

Which part of the constitution is a list of changes that have been agreed upon after the date the constitution was originally singed and ratified?


To date how many times has the US constitution been amended?

twenty seven

When do you think it's appropriate to make an amendment to the constitution?

When either 2/3 of both houses or 2/3 of the states "deem it necessary" is the only limitation placed on the amending of the US Constitution. Very careful consideration has been used to date in making such changes.

How many constitutions have been written for New York what is the date of the current constitution and how many amendments do each of them have?

There have been 51.

What is the date that the current Constitution of Wyoming was ratified?

It was ratified in November of 1889 and has been amended 91 times.

What is the date of the constitution of Scotland?

Scotland has no written constitution.

Is it in constitution that you have to be born in the US to be president?

Nope! Although to date nobody born outside of the US has been President.

Does the constitution have anything to do with the date April 20?

yes it does.The date April 20 was when the Constitution was established

Is ratification of constitutional amendment by convention in three-fourths of the states the most common method of ratification?

Every Amendment to the U. S. Constitution to date has been proposed by the method of two thirds of each house of Congress approving the proposal before it goes to the states for ratification. Also, two-thirds of the states can hold conventions to propose amendments

How can the electoral college be changed?

The only way to change it is by Constitutional Amendment, because it is set up in Article 2 of the Constitution as amended by the 12th Amendment. The sole leeway Congress has in the process is determining the time of choosing Electors and the date they cast their votes. There is another method. The Constitution specifies that States choose how their electors should be determined, and most states (apart from Maine and Nebraska) use the "Winner Takes All System". So a new proposal is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Basically, if enough states agree to allow their electors to vote for candidate with the most votes in the country, the most popular candidate would always win. The electoral college would still exist, but it would be a mere formality.