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Q: The part of North America claimed by the French in the sixteenth century?
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Where was ballet developed?

Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-century French courts

What language would an educated man in the sixteenth century have used?


In what century was Michigan founded?

As a member of the Union of the United States of America, the state of Michigan was founded in the nineteenth century. The territory itself, however, was claimed by the French in the late seventeenth century.

Who is the composer of the song Le beau Robert?

Gentian, sixteenth-century French

Where was the area claimed by the French as of 1682?

in the late 1600s, which parts of north America were claimed by the french

What year did ballet originate?

Ballet originated in sixteenth and seventeenth century French courts.

What has the author Louis Dimier written?

Louis Dimier has written: 'Descartes' 'French painting in the sixteenth century'

In north America the french claimed and explored?

A.) The St. Lawrence and Mississippi Valleys

Jacques Cartier was he poor?

Jacques Cartier was not poor. He was a French explorer who led three expeditions to North America in the 16th century, sponsored by the French monarchy. During his explorations, he claimed land for France and made important discoveries, contributing to the understanding of the geography of North America.

In which present-day country in North America did French explorers first claim lands?

French explorers first claimed lands in present-day Canada, particularly along the St. Lawrence River in the early 16th century.

What is 'sixteenth' in French?


Who claimed the most interior of north America before the french and Indian war?

spain claimed most of the land before the french and indian war.