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Q: The people who opposed the revolution were called?
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A colonist who opposed the revolution was called a?


Why is edsa called people power revolution?

because it is called people power revolution!!

Why did many conservatives opposed the ERA because?

. They opposed the sexual revolution and abortion.

Is it true that the people who opposed the constitution were known as the anticonstitutionalists?

True, People who opposed to the constitiution are called anticonstitutionalist

What are people that opposed violence called?


What were people called when they opposed slavery?


How large was Benjamin Franklins family?

He had a daughter called Sally and a son called William who opposed him during the revolution. He married Deborah Read.

A loyalists that fought in the revolution was?

Loyalists were those persons opposed to the American Revolution. They believed that Americans should be happy to remain British colonies. They were also called "Tories".

Why did many conservatives opposed the ERA?

they opposed the sexual revolution and abortion

People opposed to the use of violence are called what?


Who were people called who were opposed to immigration?

anti- aliens

What can be inferred about jeffersons general attitude toward revolution?

people often revolt as their first course of action