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the poetics

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Q: The philosopher Aristotle wrote an influential text on drama called?
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What new forms of drama and literature did the Japanese develop?

People today still read diaries ,essay , and novelsfrom this time. two unique styles of drama come from Japan-noh and kabuki.

What is amiri baraka famous for?

writer of poetry, drama, fiction, essays, and music criticism.

Influence of Greek drama on religion?

The main item that influenced Greek theatre was daily life. Many of the first plays were just plays on daily themes like love and loss. For dramas, expressions and emotions were exaggerated to express more to the audience.

What were committees?

In the Old West, there was often insufficient police presence to deter the bad guys (robbers, rustlers, rapists and so on) so citizens set of "Committees of Vigilance" or what we today would call Neighborhood Watches to do the policing themselves. The members of such committees were sometimes called "vigilantes," that being the Spanish name for someone who watches. In drama, vigilantes are almost always depicted as Out of Control, and accused of that most damning of state accusations, "taking the law into their own hands." No doubt many vigilantes made hasty judgments or used their power to exact personal vengeance, but where there was no official law, the committees of vigilance performed an important and civilizing function.

When did the Classical Period end?

The Classical Age of Greece begins with the Persian War (490-479 B.C.) and ends with the death of Alexander the Great (323 B.C.). Besides war and conquest, in this period of Ancient Greece, the Greeks produced great literature, poetry, philosophy, drama, and art. Classical Greece includes the period known as the Age of Pericles.

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What is Aristotle's theory of drama?

Aristotle's theory of drama was this: For a play/ tragedy to be good it had to have this order. Conflict Complication Climax Resolution

What great philosopher wrote about 'Oedipus Rex' defining the basic rules of drama?

Aristotle (384 B.C.E. - 322 B.C.E.) is the great philosopher who wrote about "Oedipus Rex" defining the basic rules of drama.Specifically, Aristotle defined basic rules by which drama achieved its purpose of entertainment and instruction in ancient Greece. He illustrated his rules by examples from "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.). In particular, Aristotle pinpointed the dramatic irony of every one of Oedipus' avoidance decisions and escapist actions only serving to ensure the realization of a horribly predicted fate.

Who does the drama mark the high tide of litereture?


Who was the first known literary critic?

The first known literary critic is thought to be Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher who wrote the "Poetics" around 335 BCE. In this work, he analyzed and discussed various aspects of poetry and drama, setting a foundation for literary criticism.

What are the nine elements of drama?

The elements of drama are:CharacterPlotThemeDialogueConventionGenreAudienceStagecraftDesignConversionsSome have been taught hat there were only 6 elements of least only six from Aristotle. They are as follows.PlotCharacterThemeDialogue/DictionMusic/RhythmSpectacle

What are Aristotle's six elements of drama?

Plot, Theme, Character, Language, Music, and Specticle

What are the classification of drama?

opera, monologue, pantomime, creative drama, human video, interpretative and synchronized movement

What is aristotle's definition of plot?

Aristotle defined plot as the more important element of drama. It must have a beginning, middle, and end. The events of the plot must be related and believable.

Who wrote Poetics?

Aristotle wrote "Poetics," a work that discusses the principles of drama and poetry. It is one of the earliest surviving works of literary criticism.

What is an ideal plot according to Aristotle?

literary work or drama having unity of action,time and place

What influence has Aristotle had on drama?

Aritole wrote The Poetics. In 1498, Georgio Valla published a Latin translation of it.

What are adjectives that describe Hamlet in the Shakespeare drama?

revoulutionary, influential, knowlegable, role model, creative and poetic