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The process of getting equal rights was a slow one. Widespread rebellion got them the right to vote and hold some offices by 247 B.C. Julius Caesar, whose support was from the common man, probably gave them more rights in the first century B.C., much to the aristocrats' chagrin. They definetly got equal rights after 485 A.D, when the Western Roman Empire was invaded and surviving Romans were assimilated into Barbarian society.

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Q: The plebeians demanded equal rights and got?
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What measure was taken to address the complaint of the plebeians?

They stopped working and did not work until they got equal rights.

Why did the plebians leave rome?

The plebeians resented that they we're not treated equally . They could not hold government offices, and their children could not marry the children of the patricians . The conflicts between them led to an assembly for plebeians only called the tribunes which protected them .

How did roman republic protect the rights of both social classes?

There were three social classes in ancient Rome, not two: the patricians, the equites (equestrians) and the plebeians. All Roman citizens had the same rights and the same legal protection. All were equal before the law. However, in reality the rich got away with lenient sentences and the harsh ones were meted out to the poor.

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