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has a centrlised system of governance

the king is helped by assistants named the chiefs etc

each village has a chief that helps the king to rule the kingdom

has a standing army and well equiped

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Q: The political organization of the buganda kingdom?
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Which African state is the strongest?

Buganda kingdom

The kingdom of the fifty-two clans was also known as the?

The kingdom of the fifty-two clans was also known as Buganda.

The kingdom of the fifty-two clans was also known as the PalmaresLundaUgandaBuganda Empire?

The kingdom of the fifty-two clans was also known as Buganda empire.

Explain the level of political development in Africa and western Europe in the 15th century?

yah.Is true that Africa where developed in different politacal system as clan organization,Age set organization,State organization where was strong than in that in Europe of Monarchy political organization. Africa they were have SUDANIC STATE,EGYPT,BUGANDA etc Due to bad habit of whites and cruel hearts they took as slaves and destroy all our system political,sociall,economically up to now give us democracy the rule of demons through neo-colonialism

How did Sir Apollo Kagwa get famous?

Sir Apollo Kagwa, a prominent political and cultural figure in Uganda, gained fame through his role as a chief of the Buganda Kingdom and later his involvement in the colonial administration in Uganda. He played a key role in negotiating with British colonial authorities and advocating for Buganda's interests. Kagwa's contributions to promoting Buganda's culture and education initiatives also helped enhance his legacy and fame.

When did Ttembo of Buganda die?

Ttembo of Buganda died in 1304.

What are the features of buganda agreement?

1. that the british were to be allowed into the kingdom 2. payment was to be made to the king 3. mining was to be allowed

What do you call a native of Kampala?

A Ugandan or potentially a "Bugandan" - Buganda is a subnational kingdom within Uganda that includes the region of Kampala.

What is political organization?

political organization is any organization that involve in to political process.

When did Juuko of Buganda die?

Juuko of Buganda died in 1690.

When did Kiweewa of Buganda die?

Kiweewa of Buganda died in 1889.

When was Kiweewa of Buganda born?

Kiweewa of Buganda was born in 1856.