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It is called the majority party.

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Q: The political party with the most members in each house of Congress is called the?
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What is the house of congress that has 435 members called?

The House of Represnitives. The higher house is the Senate.

The house of considered to be an upper house of congress because it has more members than senate?

It is called the upper house because it has fewer members.

What is the lower house in Congress?

The lower house of Congress is the House of Representatives. This half of Congress is made up of 435 members that represent the 50 states.

What is the political party in congress with the most members?

The Democratic party, which accounts for about 34-36% of American political party affiliation.

What aspect of the U.S. Congress most reflects the constitutional value of republicanism?

Members of the congress often support political positions that mirror voter opinion in their home states. Apex

Who are members of the congress?

The members of Congress are Representatives (in the House of Representatives) and Senators (in the Senate).

The person in Congress who is the leader of the smaller party in Congress is the?

The leader of the party with the second most members in Congress is called the Senate Minority leader for the Senate and House Minority Leader in the House of Representatives. There may be third party members with just a few members and they might have a leader but that leader is not referred to as the Minority Leader of that House of Congress.

What decides whether a political party will be the minority or the majority party?

Republican members of each house choose their own leaders, and the Democratic members do the same. The political party that has the most members in each house is known as the majority party. The political party that has fewer members is called the minority party.

What is the name for the constituents of Congress members?

No, constituents is a name used to describe the people who live and vote in a Congressman's political district. These are the people who elected him to office, and can either vote to reelect him to that position or vote him out, giving another representative the opportunity to represent them.

Which group of congress gas more members the senate or house?

By far, the group in Congress that has more members is the U.S House of Representatives. The Senate only has 100 members. The House, however, has 435 voting members.

How many voting members are in the US Senate?

There are 535 members of the U.S. Congress. Congress is bicameral -- the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has 100 voting members and the House of Representatives has 435 members.

What is it called when the house an the senate meet together?

Members of both the House and Senate meet together and I'm what type of committee