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Paradox of democracy

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Q: The potential for conflict between majority rule and individual freedom is a?
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What is the difference between potential and actual conflict?

Potential conflict is before a conflict it is in motion, but actual conflict is toe to toe combat, i.e war.

What is potential conflict?

Potential conflict refers to a situation where there is a possibility of disagreement, opposition, or tension arising between parties due to differing interests, perspectives, or goals. It has not yet escalated into an actual conflict but has the potential to do so if not managed effectively. Conflict resolution strategies can be employed to address potential conflicts before they escalate.

The potential conflict of interest between a firms owners and its managers is referred to as what?


Why is there such a conflict between Sikhs and Punjabi cultures?

There is no conflict between Sikhs and Punjabi culture. In fact the majority of Sikhs are Punjabi's. Though there is a conflict between Punjab and India due to suppression and discrimination opposed upon Punjab.

Which are the forms of conflict?

The main forms of conflict are interpersonal conflict (between individuals), intrapersonal conflict (within an individual), intragroup conflict (within a group), intergroup conflict (between different groups), and interorganizational conflict (between different organizations). Each form can arise due to various reasons such as differences in perspectives, goals, values, or resources.

What is individual level conflict?

Within every individual there are usually a number of competing needs and roles, a variety of ways that drives and roles can be expressed, many types of barriers that occur between the drive and the goal, both negative and positive aspects attached to desired goals. The conflict may be due to frustration, goal conflict and role conflict. This is called individual level conflict.

How is the conflict between tribal tradition and individual freedom brought out in marriage is a private affair?


What cultural did prohibition highlight?

Conflict between those who support government enforcement of majority moral principles, and those who do not.

Whose rights come first when there is a conflict between an individual rights and the rights of the community?

what our rights are and what can and can't do!

What cultural conflicts did prohibition highlight?

Conflict between those who support government enforcement of majority moral principles, and those who do not.

When a Sailor is presented with a potential or real conflict between honesty and loyalty which of the two is more important?

Honesty trumps loyalty.

The conflict in Israel today is between which two religious groups?

It depends which "Conflict in Israel" the question is asking about. If it is asking about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, the conflict is, strictly speaking, between Israelis and Palestinians which are national groups, not religious groups. However, the majority of Israelis are Jewish and the majority of Palestinians are Muslim. (However, there are numerous Muslim Israelis, Druze Israelis, and there are both Christian Israelis and Christian Palestinians.) If it is asking about Israel's internal political conflicts, they are often between Secular Jews and Religious Jews.