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Q: The president and his staff work each day is called?
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What is the name of the room where the president and his staff works?

The room where the president and his staff work is typically referred to as the Oval Office.

Who work closely with the president as a political adviser manages and president's schedule and supervises the White House staff and the operations of the EOP?

chief of staff. A+

Where do the white house staff and the president work every day?

west wing of the whitehouse

When the president not working he's enjoy to?

No president is never "not working". They still work when they are on vacation. Every morning they have meetings with staff. Notice the physical change in each man as they go through the years in office. All of them age the longer they are in office.

Who does the navy work for?

The US Navy is responsible to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who report to the President of the United States.

What is the work room where the president work called?

The Oval Office! (:

Is the Vice President a member of the White House Staff?

yes I'm pretty sure because the white house is really big and the president and vice president always work together to do avything

What are work people called?

People who work are often referred to as employees, workers, staff, team members, or colleagues.

How many people work for each congressman?

Congressmen are allowed a small staff and how many each has depends on the seniority of the Congressmen. Generally, they have a Chief of Staff, Communications Director, Legislative Director, and several interns.

What can the president do to the attorney general?

He can ask him to resign if he does not like his work performance. As his boss, he can tell what areas to concentrate his efforts and staff on.

What do you call the staff of the holy Pope?

I am not sure which 'staff' you refer to. If you mean those who work closely with the pope to assist him as heads of various offices in the Vatican, they are called the 'curia.' If you mean the bishop's staff he sometimes carries as the bishop of Rome, it is called a 'crosier.'

What is the difference between the personal staff and the committee staff?

personal staff work for congress while committee staff work for the state