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The person that is known is the vice president.

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Vice President or the President Pro Tiem Vice President or the President Pro Tiem

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President of the Senate, Joe Biden

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President Pro Tem of the Senate

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Q: The president o f the Senate is called?
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Why is the speaker of the house and the president pro tempore of the senate listed before the department heads?

I think you are asking about the Presidential succession. The house speaker and Pro-tempore of the Senate are both electedofficials usually with long experience in government, The cabinet officials, although approved by the Senate, are often people who helped the President get elected and often w/o any experience in federal government. This is especially true of the lower ranking cabinet secretaries.

Which US President nominated Justice John Paul Stevens and what was the Senate confirmation vote?

In 1975, President Gerald Ford nominated Justice John Paul Stevens to succeed Justice William O. Douglas, who had recently retired. He was already a well-respected lawyer and judge, as well as a former Supreme Court law clerk who served under Justice Wiley Rutledge in 1947-1948. Stevens received the unqualified support of the American Bar Association, a significant gesture of confidence. He was confirmed by a unanimous 98-0 vote of the Senate on December 19, 1975.

Youngest presidential candidate?

For the United States Presidential Campaigs the youngest presidential candidate eligible to take office if elected is of known record Brandon S. Dean. He registered his FEC Form 2 (Statement of Candidacy) in December of 2011. He was 34 years old. However, he will be 35 years old (the age necessary to be president) by November 6th, 2012. Source:

First president to ride in a train while in office?

The first President to ride a train was Andrew Jackson. He rode what was known as the iron horse from Baltimore.

What President sent federal troops to control the unrest in cities along the B and O Railroad line in 1877?

Rutherford B. Hayes

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How do the duties of the Vice President compare to the duties of the president?

Today vice presidents serve as principal advisors to the president, but from 1789 until the 1950s their primary duty was to preside over the Senate.

Who is in charge when the vice president is not there?

If the Vice President was no longer there due to death, resignation, or becoming President, the acting President can appoint a Vice President. The new VP has to be confirmed by a majority vote o both the US Senate and House of Representatives.

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