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Q: The presidential election of which year was discussed in The Jungle?
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Which year was the presidential election of The Jungle held?

The presidential election of "The Jungle" was not a real event. "The Jungle" is a novel written by Upton Sinclair in 1906, and it describes the conditions of the meatpacking industry in Chicago.

What was the result of the presidential election of 1842?

1842 was not a U.S. Presidential election year.

In what year did the 54Th presidential election?

The 54th U.S. presidential election took place in the year 2000.

When was the 54th presidential election?

If my math is correct, 2000 was the year for the 54 presidential election.

Who ran in 1801 presidential election?

There was no election that year.

When is the next leap year not an election year?

In the United States, Presidential and Vice Presidential elections are held every leap year. The next Presidential election year that is not a leap year will be in 2100.

Was there a presidential election in 2006?

Not in the US- presidential election were held in 2004 and 2008 the next one will be in 2012. (The year of a presidential election is always a multiple of 4 .)

Was 1870 a presidential election year?

No. Presidential election years are divisible by four. 1872 and 1876 saw presidential elections but not 1870.

What year will it be until you have another presidential election?

It will be another four years until the next presidential election in the United States.

Who won the Presidential election of 1863?

The election of 1866 was not a Presidential race. Rather it was a midterm election that refreshed the United States Congress.

Which of these years is not a presidential election year?


When was the election of 1856?

November 4, 1856 was the date of the Presidential election for that year.