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The presidential primary is part of the nominating process of United States presidential elections. It starts in the month of January.

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One (1) year before the electoral election

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The presidential primary season begins in February with the Iowa caucus. The democratic caucus is February 1 and the Republican caucus is February 2 in 2016.

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january 12th

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Around 1905

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Q: The presidential primary season begins in which month?
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What month are elections held?

The main Presidential and Congressional elections are held in November. Primary elections and caucuses are held in prior months.

What is 'Super Tuesday'?

Super Tuesday (March 2 this year) is just the name given to the date when the highest number of states hold presidential primary elections. People pay a lot of attention to it because it’s the first big primary day in each election cycle, but it’s not like those states count for extra or anything.This year, it’s even bigger because California, the most populous state, moved its primary from June to be on Super Tuesday as well, meaning more delegates are at stake than ever.The specifics of how important Super Tuesday is depends on the year and the party, but it’s always a day to watch. If you’re looking to participate in Super Tuesday, you can look up when your state holds its primaries here and check if you’re registered to vote here.

What monthe do you vote for the president?

The public "votes for President" in November, but they are actually electing members to the electoral college in that election. The electoral college casts the votes for President (and Vice President) in December.

In what month does the US Supreme Court convene?

The US Supreme Court Term begins the first Monday in October (October 4, in 2010) and ends the first Monday in October of the following year; however, the justices actively hear arguments and announce decisions from October until late June or early July.

Which President had the shorest presidency?

William Henry Harrison served exactly 1 month in office after he died of Pnumonia. Harrison insisted on giving the longest Presidential Inaugural Address in history nearly 2 hours in the freezeing cold with no wool jacket

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What month are election?

The main Presidential and Congressional elections are held in November. Primary elections and caucuses are held in prior months.

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