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The first 10 amendments to the US Constitution were ratified between August 21, 1789 (when they were passed by the House) and December 15, 1791 (when they were ratified by Virginia, the 11th state to do so).

The first state to ratify the Bill of Rights amendments was New Jersey on November 20, 1789.

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Q: The ratification process of the bill of rights occurred over what years?
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When as the ratification of the constitution signed?

The ratification of the constitution was signed on May 29, 1790. The ratification process had began three years earlier in Rhode Island.

How many years passed between adoption of the U. S. Constitution and the ratification of the bill of rights?

3 years

The swift adoption of the Bill of rights in the years following ratification of the constitution demonstrates the what?

Support for abolitionism.

How many years elapsed between the ratification of the 15th amendments and the voting rights act of 1965?

almost 100 years

Number of years that passed before the bill of rights was added to the constitution?

The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendments to our constitution. They were introduced in 1789 and adopted in 1791. The Constitution itself was adopted two years earlier in 1787 and began the ratification process then. It replaced the Articles of Confederation.

What role did the Bill of Rights play in the ratification process?

The Constitution was actually ratified several years before the Bill of Rights. Several states' delegations had reservations about signing the Constitution because they felt it did not do enough to protect individual rights and states rights. The compromise was that the authors of the Constitution agreed that they would work to get important rights added through the amendment process. The result of that agreement was the Bill of Rights, which became law in 1792. APEX: People were afraid of living under another monarchy

How many years elapsed between the ratification of the 15th amendment and the voting rights act of 1965?

95 years. The 15th Amendment was adopted in 1869 and ratified in 1870.

Why equal rights amendment caused questions because?

The equal rights amendment caused questions as a result of states revoking their ratification rights. This amendment was finally ratified in 1992 which was more than 202 years after it was first introduced into Congress.

What year was the article of confederation ratified?

Congress began the ratification process in 1777. The last state to ratify was Maryland in 1781. They held out two years longer than the last state.

Equal rights purposed amendment.What does the Amendment will take effect 2 years after ratification mean. Why this statement and what does it mean.?

it means that the amendment will be final and set once the Constitutuion approves it in two years.

The ratification process of the constitution occurred during what years?

The Constitution was ratified during the years 1787 to 1790. But it became effective on March 4, 1789 after its ratification by a ninth state, New Hampshire, on June 21, 1788. The Constitution was completed on September 17, 1787, and at that point the process of ratification began. The first state to ratify it was Delaware, on December 7, 1787. According to the Constitution, it was to go into effect in those states that ratified it as soon as a total of nine states did so. The ninth state, New Hampshire, ratified it on June 21, 1788. The last of the original thirteen colonies to ratify the constitution was Rhode Island, which did so on May 29, 1790.

What was the time limit on ratification?

Seven years