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Policing function.

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Q: The responsibility to question executive branch officials to see whether their agencies are complying with the wishes of the Congress and conducting their programs efficiently is part of the Points?
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What is the primary responsibility or duty of the Executive Branch?

The purpose of the executive branch is to run the country according to law. This includes collecting taxes, paying government obligations, enforcing federal law, running the armed forces, coining money, and conducting foreign affairs.

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What is the responsibility of the Agency executive?

Which "independent" executive agencies are you referring to? Name examples please.

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Does the Executive Branch of the Federal Government do?

The primary responsibility of the executive branch of government is the enforcement of laws.

What was the main responsibility for the executive branch?

Enforcement of laws

What is the main responsibility of the executive branch?

To enforce laws

What is the power and responsibility of the executive branch?

The power of the Executive branch is to enforce laws enacted by the Legislative branch.

What are executive powers?

Executive powers are outlined in the Constitution. The executive branch of the government executes the law and has sole responsibility and authority for the administration of the country.

Is interpreting the nations laws in the responsibility of the executive branch?