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Turned away General Burgoyne from a weapons cache located in Bennington and halted his push down the Hudson river valley.

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the Americans won this battle

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Q: The result of the battle at bennington?
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Who won the Battle of Walloomsac?

The battle in Walloomsac is known as the Battle of Bennington. The battle was won by General John Stark and his American forces.

Why is the Battle of Bennington important?

as u all kno, John Burgoyne was the general of British and he wanted to hit Albany. On the way, he got tired and he stopped in the Vermont and started to look for foods and horses. But they meet the green mountain boys ending up 1000 british captured. It was a major battle that influenced the result of the battle of Saratoga

What were all of the thirty six battles fought in the revolutionary war?

there was only 27 battles not 36 and they were................ Battle of Lexington and Concord Battle of Bunker Hill Battle of Ticonderoga Battle of Long Island Battle for Fort Washington Battle of Trenton Battle of White Plains Battle of Oriskany Battle of Bennington Battle of Bemis's Heights Battle of Monmouth Battle of Germantown Siege of Savannah Fallen Timbers (Maumee Rapids) Battle of Stony Point Wyoming Valley Massacre Cherry Valley Massacre Battle on King's Mountain Battle of Guilford Courthouse Battle for Fort Clinton Battle of Princeton Battle on the Brandywine Siege of Charleston Siege of Yorktown

Who were the commanders in the battle of palmito pass?

In the Battle of Palmito Ranch, Theodore H. Barrett was the commander for the Union, and John Ford was the commander for the Confederacy. The result of the battle was a victory for the Confederacy.

Many Americans died as a result of what in the Spanish American War than fell in battle?


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When did the battle of bennington start and end?

The Battle of Bennington started on August 16th 1777. The Battle of Bennington ended on August 16th 1777.

When did Battle of Bennington happen?

Battle of Bennington happened on 1777-08-16.

When was Bennington Battle Monument created?

Bennington Battle Monument was created in 1889.

When was Bennington Battle RFC created?

Bennington Battle RFC was created in 2007.

Where did the battle of bennington take place?

The "Battle of Bennington" never accually took place in bennington NY, it took place in Walloomsac, NY.

What is one fact about the battle of bennington?


What was the date of the battle of bennington?


Where was the battle of bennington located?


Who won the battle of bennington?

the british won

What was the battle in Vermont that was an American victory?

Bennington was battle in Vermont that was an American victory

Who won at the battle of New York?

I believe that it is Bennington

When did the battle of Bennington end?

a long time ago