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It's the 5th amendment to the US Constitution. It's called Eminent Domain.

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the 5th amendment.

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Q: The right to be paid for private property that is taken for public use is found in which amendment?
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In which system is private property found?

Most social systems have some kind of private property.

Can repossession take place on private property?

Yes. If the property is found it can be retreived.

What supreme court case amended the use of eminent domain?

The big one recently was Kelo v. City of New London. The 5th amendment to the US Constitiution says the government shall not take private property except for public use and by paying just compensation. The 14th amendment has been found to apply this restriction to the states too. This stopped the government from taking property from one private entity and giving it to another. During the urban renewal programs of the 60s, an exception was carved out for property that was "blighted": the government could exercise eminent domain to forceably buy property in blighted areas and then sell it to another private entity. But Mrs. Kelo's house wasn't blighted, so when case let the Ciity of New London force her to sell it to them so they could sell it to a private developer who promised to build stuff that would mean more jobs, it moved the interpretation of "public use" much more toward simply a "public purpose."

What are property rights found and the constitution?

Property rights are found in the 5th Amendment's due process and eminent domain or takings clauses. i took the quiz on e2020

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Do police have the right to enter into your private property if found an offence being committed on the premises or in fresh pursuit?

(In the US) Yes, they do.

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