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The scheduling of bills in the Senate is left up to the Senate majority leader.

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Q: The scheduling of bills in the senate is left up to?
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The senate's schedule for bills is set up by the?

Persident Por Tempore

What two groups make up the U.S.Congress?

The Senate and the House of Representatives.

How is the Canadian Senate the same as the House of Commons?

The Senate and the House of Commons have nearly equal powers, in theory. Both chambers must pass legislation in identical form in order to be presented to the Governor General for the Royal Assent. Like the House of Commons, the Senate can pass, amend, or defeat bills. If the Senate defeats a bill, like in the House of Commons, it cannot be proceeded with further (i.e., the Senate has an absolute veto over bills).

What is the legislative branch found in?

The Legislative Branch is the Congress. Congress is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. These bodies enact bills that are voted on to become laws.

What are the roles of the senate and the house of representatives in austrilain government?

The House of Reps and the Senate make up the Australian Parliament, their role is to debate and pass laws. They both have largely the same power, except for money bills, which must originate in the Reps, and the Senate through the committee structure, has a oversight role.

Did the roman senate have the same lawmaking power as the US?

No it did not. The Roman senate was different that the US one. During the Roman Republic it was an unelected an advisory body for the consuls (the two annually elected heads of the Republic) made up of aristocrats and oligarchs. Senators neither proposed bills nor voted on them. In the early Republic the consuls were those who proposed bills, which were put to the vote of the Assembly of the Soldiers. Later it was mainly the plebeian tribunes who proposed bills and these were put to the vote of the Plebeian Council. The senate could, in certain circumstances, issue decrees. Later, during the period of rule by emperors, the senate was emasculated as the emperors were absolute rulers.

I want to deposit one dollar bills to the bank how many do I put in one wrap?

You bundle up 100 bills i a wrap and if you have any left over, just give them loosely to the teller. You can also bundle the remainder into 50 bills wrap and 25 bills wrap

The conference committee is made up of whom?

members of both houses

When determining the job duties of the vice president they are largely left up to?

The job duties of the vice president are largely left up to the president. The vice-president actually has one official duty and that is president of the Senate.

When was Sizing Up the Senate created?

Sizing Up the Senate was created in 1999.

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