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...say things in opposition to the views and ideals of the US government.

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talk bad about the president.

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Q: The sedition act made it illegal to?
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What did the sedition act make illegal in 1910?

The Sedition Act made it illegal to rebel against law and to publish any anti government writings.

What act made it illegal to write or say anything critically about the government?

The Sedition act

The passage of this act in 1918 made any public expression of opposition to the war illegal?

The Sedition Act of 1918 made any public expression of opposition to the war illegal.

Who was affected by the sedition act how were they affected?

The illegal immigrants were the people affected by the Sedition act. They were deported to their countries or imprisoned.

Did the Tyranny Act make it illegal to criticize the government?

No that was the Sedition ActThe sedition acts made it illegal to publish anything negative about government and government officials. They still had freedom of speech. The act was repealed in 1801 anyway. So, we have never had a law to where it was illegal to criticize the government.

What is the sedition Act.?

The Sedition Act tried to curb republican criticism of government policy. It basically stopped people from speaking disrespectfully against the government. The Sedition Act made any activity designed to overthrow a government illegal. The 1918 Sedition Act was passed by the United States Congress was a means of expanding the 1917 Espionage Act. Woodrow Wilson signed it into law.

What act made the statements critical of the government unlawful?

The Sedition Act

What was illegal under the Sedition Act in 1918?

Made it illegal to obstruct the sale of liberty bonds or to discuss anything "disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive" about the American form of government, the Constitution, or the army and the navy.

What was the negative consequence of the sedition act?

A negative consequence of the Sedition Act?

The Sedition Act allowed the national government to jail people for?

The Sedition Act, passed in 1918. The law made it a crime to criticize by speech or writing the government or Constitution.

Which act(s) made it a crime for anyone to publicly criticize the government or its officials?

Act of treason

Who was against the alien and sedition act?

The Republicans supported the Alien Act and they opposed the Sedition Act. The Federalist liked the Sedition Act because it was supposed to destroy the Republicans.