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  • Execution of federal law
  • Appointing federal executive, diplomatic, regulatory, and judicial and officers
  • Concluding treaties and alliances with foreign powers
  • Grant federal pardons and reprieves
  • Commander-in-chief of the armed forces
  • Oversee the agencies of government
  • Convene and adjourn both houses of Congress under extraordinary circumstance
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Q: The seven main powers and duties of the president?
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What are the three main duties of the foreign policy?

the main purpose is for the president to meet with foreign leaders.

What best summerizes the main purpose of the executive office of the president?

The main purpose of the Executive Office of the President is to help the President carry out his or her duties as chief executive.

Which amendment describes who will take the place of the president if he is no longer to perform the duties?

Amendment 25 sets rules for temporarily giving the vice-president the powers of the President, both by request of the President and involuntarily . It also gives a process for restoring the president's powers. (The main body of the Constitution makes the vice-president the president if the president dies or resigns.)

The main purpose of the war powers act was to?

To restrict the power of the president

What is one of the main duties of the national government?

the powers of the legislative branch is to make the law for the nation *

What are the main duties of a president?

The main duties of the president are to carry out the laws, oversee the agencies of government, negotiate with foreign governments, issue pardons, and perhaps most important be commander in chief of the armed forces.

What are the main powers of the President of the US?

The main power of the President of the US is to execute the laws of the United States. The President also has the power to veto any laws passed by Congress.

What is one if the duties of the presient?

the presidents duties include approving or dissaproving laws.

What are the main duties of the Secretary of State?

to advise the president on foreign policy, and to also run the department of state.

What are the powers of a vice president?

The duties of the Vice President is to support the President's agenda, they are in charge of the Senate, so if they have to opportunity to get in there with the senators and make some good policy changes. The also cast a tie breaking vote in the Senate. Also if something were to happen to the President, they are the one that would replace him.

What are two powers or responsibilities of the vice-president?

The main roles are to be the formal President of the Senate and to become President if a sitting President dies, resigns, or is removed from office by the impeachment process.

Abraham Lincoln was president during the American Civil War He felt strongly that one of his main duties as president was to?

keep the states united as one country.