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.....that Cuba was preparing to install Russian missiles on its soil, which made for a direct threat of atomic bomb-attack on the US.

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Q: The soviet union and the US nearly went to war with each other in 1962 when the united state discovered?
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What side of the war in which Franz Joseph fought Central Powers or Allied Powers?

the united states, united kingdom , France , soviet union , china ,45 other nations.

Who were the members of the allied forces?

British Empire, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the United States of America, known as the "Big Three",[3] held leadership of the allied powers. France, before its defeat in 1940 and after Operation Overlord in 1944, as well as China[4][5][6] at that time, were also major Allies.[7] Other Allies included Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Greece, Mexico, theNetherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the Union of South Africa and Yugoslavia.[8]

Why did US soviet relations worsen during president carter's administration?

Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan

How did the united States spread democracy to other countries?

The United States spread democracy to the other countries through brute force. It in order words was by rough methods. This was not only by examples, but by military coups and economic sanctions.

Which countries won World War 2?

The Allies won, they consisted of the United Kingdom, Soviet Union and the USA. To a lesser extent Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth countries were also part of the AlliesSoviet Union (Russia), United States, Great Britain, China, France and many others but those five became permanent members of Security Council of United Nations with veto power.Soviet Union and United States contrubuted most and become super powers after the war.A group of countries won world war 2 called the "Allied forces" no independent country wonActually no single country won in ww2. The warring sides in ww2 were-1 the axis powers(Germany,Italy , japan, along with Albania, Bulgaria, Finland, Romania and Thailand)2 the allied powers( Britain, France, the commonwealth, USA, USSR and china)the allied powers emerged as the winners.

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When The Soviet Union and the United States nearly went to war with each other in 1962 when the United States discovered Soviet missiles on the island of Cuba the event called the Cuban missile crisis was resolved peacefully after a several days of...?

Interview us and Soviet leaders about differences in costoms that affected the negotiations. (APEX)

How did the US and the soviet union relate to each other at the united nations?

The US and the Soviet Union were able to relate to each other at the United Nations. They made agreements on arms control.

The United States and the Soviet Union fought each other in?

the cold war

What country used to be called united soviet socialist republic?

Russia usually goes by the name of United Soviet Social Republic, but many other countries such as Kazakhstan belonged to it too.

Who versed each other in the Cold War?

The Soviet Union (U.S.S.R) and the United States

The Cold War was a conflict between the United states and what other country?

The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics Otherwise Known As The Soviet Union Or The USSR.

What were the US and the Soviet Union part of?

The United States and the Soviet Union were allied in World War II, but faced each other in the Cold War of the 1960s.

What two countries where mad at each other during the cold war?

The Soviet Union and The United States

How many planets have we discovered with the telescope?

Two in our own solar system, and nearly 1,000 in orbit around other stars.

Why did the cold war happen happen?

because the United states and the soviet union didnt trust each other. United stated believed in capitalism and he Soviet union believed in Communison

How did the United States and the soviet union confront each other during Kennedy's term?

They never fought directly. They always competed against each other to see who would reach the moon, or rather, deep into space, first. America thought Russians were building secret weapons in space. They nearly went to war with each other.

Who did the superpowers support in the china civil war?

Soviet Union supported Communist China and nearly all the other powers supported Nationalist China.