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John Boehner is the most likely candidate for House Speaker of the 112th Congress.

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The speakers of the House is selected by all of the members of the House. Whichever party has a majority, will be the party that the speaker will be.

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Nancy Pelosiy !!!

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Q: The speaker of the house is selected by who?
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Who is the speaker of the house selected by?

The entire House of Representatives

How are committee chairs selected in the house?

The committee chairs are selected in the Texas House of representatives by the speaker and the lieutenant governor. This is one of the main roles of the speaker of the house.

The leader of the House of Representatives is the what of the House?

Yes, the leaders of the House of Representatives are members of Congress. To be a member of the House of Representatives you have to be elected. The leadership of the House, including the Majority and Minority leaders, is selected by the members of the House.

What are the qualifications of the Speaker of the House?

The Speaker does not have to meet any qualifications other than those to be elected as a member of the House of Representatives. He is selected by the House and is usually one of the most senior members of the majority party.

Speaker of the house?

The current Speaker of the House is Paul Ryan and expected to keep his office for the next term. The Speaker of the House for the US House of Representatives is chosen by its members. A new Speaker of the House is chosen from each party's nominees on the first day of every new Congress.

How is the speaker of the house selected?

During the first day of a new congress (i.e. 2009/2011/2013 etc) an election takes place in which each party nominates a member to be speaker of the house. The party with the majority of the votes has their candidate take the role of speaker of the house.

Who is the leader for the House of Representatives?

in a state house, committee meetings are led by chair persons, selected by leadership (speaker, majority floor leader, whip, and caucus chair). Majority party chooses chairs for each committee. Floor action (debate, vote, bringing bills to a floor vote) is also done by leadership decisions though the majority floor leader acts as the director/conductor. I think its the same at Congress.

What is the title for the person who is the leader for the house of representatives?

They are called the "Speaker of the House".

The presiding officer of the house of Representatives is the?

He or she is called the Speaker of the House.

What is the leading position in the House of Representative?

The Speaker of the House. When the democrats were in the majority, Nancy Pelosi was Speaker. The House is currently under republican control and John Boehner occupies the Speakers chair.

Who become president after vice president?

speaker of house.

Who is the most influential person in the house of representatives?

Speaker of the House