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The necessity for a written constitution to define citizens' rights and to limit the governments power.

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Q: The state governments set up during the revolution reflected the American belief in the?
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How did local governments set the stage of the American revolution?

because the developed a strong belief in their right to govern themselves

How did local government set the stage for the American Revolution?

because the developed a strong belief in their right to govern themselves

What inspired universal awareness of the American Revolution as a fight for the belief that all men are created equal?

Jefferson's Decloration of Independence

What belief in rights of people was reflected in Wilson's peace plan?


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Which is the main underlying cause of the American Revolution?

The main underlying cause of the American Revolution was the poor treatment of the colonists by the British Parliament. Their unfair treatment included high taxation without representation, strict demands, and limited liberties.

What revolutions did montesquieu's ideas inspire?

Montesquieu's ideas inspired revolutions such as the American Revolution and the French Revolution. His belief in the separation of powers and the importance of checks and balances influenced the design of government systems and contributed to the development of modern democracies.

How was thomas Jefferson's philosiphy reflected in his personal life?

It reflected on his personal life is because his belief in a modest role for the central government reflects on his changes during his presidency.

What do we call the belief that people form governments to protect their natural rights?

Contract theory

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