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Q: The unfortunately named Smellie method is named for the just-as-unfortunately named Dr William Smellie who pioneered the technique in what field?
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When did Hugh Smellie die?

Hugh Smellie died in 1891.

When was Hugh Smellie born?

Hugh Smellie was born in 1840.

When did Elizabeth Lawrie Smellie die?

Elizabeth Lawrie Smellie died in 1968.

When was Elizabeth Lawrie Smellie born?

Elizabeth Lawrie Smellie was born in 1884.

When did Thomas Stuart Traill Smellie die?

Thomas Stuart Traill Smellie died in 1925.

When was Thomas Stuart Traill Smellie born?

Thomas Stuart Traill Smellie was born in 1849.

What has the author K B Smellie written?

K. B. Smellie has written: 'Great Britain since 1688'

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What country is smellie in?

Smellie is typically not associated with a specific country. It can refer to a last name or be used as a slang term to describe something that has a foul odor.

What has the author Alexander Smellie written?

Alexander Smellie has written: 'Robert Murray McCheyne' -- subject(s): Presbyterian Church, Biography 'Robert Murray McCheyne'

What has the author William Smellie written?

William Smellie has written: 'A sett of anatomical tables' -- subject(s): Atlases, Obstetrics 'Smellie's treatise on the theory and practice of midwifery' 'A set of anatomical tables, with explanations, and an abridgement, of the practice of midwifery' -- subject(s): Atlases, Early works to 1800, Obstetrics 'A collection of preternatural cases and observations in midwifery' 'An abridgement of the practice of midwifery' -- subject(s): Early works to 1800, Obstetrics

Who of one of the famous obstetrician?

One of the famous obstetrican is William Smellie (1697-1763) the master of British "midwifery".