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This is Feudalism, a system of protection for loyalty that declined during the Renaissance due to the Black Plague, growth of trade, and urbanization. The vassals pledged loyalty to the lord of the manor.

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Q: The vassals pledged allegiance to the?
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What is a sentence using allegiance?

She pledged her allegiance to the king, promising to serve him faithfully and loyally.

What is a sentence for the word pledged?

In my elementary school classroom, all the students pledged allegiance to our flag audibly every morning.

Why did vassals have to server lords?

Vassals served lords in exchange for protection and land rights. In the feudal system, vassals pledged loyalty and military service to their lords in return for the lord's support and the ability to use and cultivate land on the lord's estate.

What did vassals pledge to?

Political allegiance and providing military, political, and financial service to a lord. More at LINK

What are the 3 things the Mayflower Compact pledge to do?

It pledged allegiance to the English king but established a form of government by the will of the majority.

How did Feudalism in England under William 1 differed from feudalism in other countries?

he required all sub-vassals to swear allegiance to him.

What does Republic mean in the pledged of allegiance?

The word "republic" refers to a government that is elected by the people, a democracy. The flag is a symbol of the United States, so those who say the pledge are promising they will give their loyalty (allegiance) to this country and to the democracy that it embodies.

Emilio Aguinaldo a hero or a Traitor?

Traitor. He pledged allegiance to the Americans & to the Japanese during their occupation. Is that a hero? Did Rizal, Bonifacio, Antonio Luna & Gregorio del Pilar and others do that?

Who is a person who held land from a feudal lord and received protection in exchange for allegiance to that lord?

Vassals, who were pledged to the common defense of the land. Under feudalism, the landed knights developed their own lesser autocracies and titles. The peasants (serfs) actually worked the land (known as a "fief"), and skilled artisans were generally a separate class.

What is a good way to put the word fealty in a sentence?

The knight pledged fealty to his lord, promising to serve him faithfully and loyally.

What was the Knight's pledge?

The Knight's pledge typically involved vows of loyalty, bravery, honor, and service to their liege lord. This code of conduct, known as chivalry, guided knights in their behavior both on and off the battlefield. It emphasized virtues such as courage, humility, and righteousness.

What army did Adolf Hitler join?

In the First World War, Adolf Hitler joined the Bavarian Reserves, earning himself an Iron Cross. In WW2, he pledged his allegiance to Nazi Germany as their leader.