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the English parliament

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English Parliament.

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Q: The writers of the Constitution mainly based the plan for the legislative branch on the?
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What does article 1 of the constitution deal with?

Article I of the US Constitution establishes the Legislative Branch, defining the structure of the two houses of Congress and the powers of each. The article also defines the qualifications for elections and the congressional terms. (For the text and links to amendments, see the related link.)

What are the names of houses in the legislative branch?

The Legislative Branch mainly consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Other state lawmaking bodies are also part of the Legislative Branch.

Which branch can replace some existing courts?

Both the Executive and Legislative. But mainly the Executive.

The writers of the constitution mainly based their ideas on the?


Which branch can call special sessions of congress?

The legislative branch.

What branch of government did the framers think would be the most powerful?

the founders and framers of the constitution expected the government to be mainly led by congress. they were fearful of having too strong of an executive branch abusing its powers, so they gave the legislators more authority to keep this from happening. the constitution displays the numerous abilities of the House and Senate to keep the other branches in check. hope this helps!

Where does the legislative branch mainly work at?

Capital building Washington DC

The duties and responsibilities of the legislative branch?

The duties and responsibilities of the legislative branch mainly including creating, debating and passing laws. The laws will be enacted by the presidential assent.

Constitutional role of the executive branch?

Mainly, the executive branch is to enforce the laws established by the legislative branch, while the judicial branch has the final say on interpreting the law.

What did the writers of the Constitution mainly base their ideas on which law making body?

The French Estates General.

What is the purpose of Article II of the Constitution?

Article II of the Constitution deals mainly with the powers and duties of the President who heads the executive branch of the US government.

An example of a legislative branch is?

The legislative branch has nothing to do with school governing. Each state has special laws concerning education and there are school boards that oversees the district. The school boards are elected locally and are people who come from the community.