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No, there are nine justices on the US Supreme Court, per the Judiciary Act of 1869.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote draft legislation in 1937 that would have expanded the size of the Court by one new justices for each sitting justice over the age of 70.5, up to a maximum of six new justices (for a total of fifteen) in order to dilute the votes of certain older, conservative justices who ruled many of his New Deal programs unconstitutional. Congress sent the President's proposal to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where the Court-expanding provisions were quickly stripped from the bill. The remainder of the bill failed to pass a full Senate vote.

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No, there are nine justices on the US Supreme Court. If President Franklin Roosevelt had succeeded in passing the Judicial Reorganization Bill in 1937, there would have been fifteen justices on the Court for a short period of time.

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Q: There are 15 justices on the supreme court?
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