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civil liberties

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Q: Things dealing with consciousness expression thought and even action can be related to government terms confederation civil liberties or federalism?
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What constitutional principles was devised as a compromise between a powerful central government and a loose confederation of states?


What movement was characterized by a belief that the U.S. national government under the Articles of Confederation was too weak and that a stronger central government was needed.?


Which of the following were arguments in favor of federalism at the time of the writing of the Constitution?

Federalism will preserve the states as sovereign governments. Federalism will provide for a stronger national government than existed under the Articles of Confederation. Federalism will protect liberty. Federalism will force officials to be more responsible to the people.

What is meant by federation?

The power togovernment is SHARED between the nations government and states. Federalism came about because the articles of confederation created a weak federal government

The difference between Confederalism and federalism?

in confederal, the regional government is more recognize than the central government, while in federalism,the central government is more popular than the regional gvernment.

What does federalism create?

In the US, federalism created a stronger central government then the Confederation which it replaced. It still, however, assured the States and the people of the US of their rights through the Bill of Rights, which were inserted into the new US Constitution.

Is federalism the system of government that divides power between the federal government and state governments?

No!! You are looking for one of two other types of government: "federation" or "confederation".

A government system where power is divided between the national and state government is called a?

I think is federalism

System of government in which a constitution divides the powers of government between a national government and several regional governments?

That is either the Federation or Confederation governmental form, vs a Unitary form where power rests in the central government alone.

Under the system of federalism power is specified and shared between federal and state government?

That is true. It is called dual.Dual federalism

Did The Articles of Confederation build a system of government that you would call federalism?

Yes AND no, depending of which angle you are asking from. It is no, due to the fact that the Articles of Confederation created/built a very weak government, which is the complete contrast of what Federalism is; which it's based upon a strong centralized government. It is yes if you are asking whether or not it helped in the rise of Federalism. When it created a weak U.S. government in which nothing was properly functioning as it should be. Debts were not being paid off, the rights given were too vague to interpret, and certain states were given more power than others. Thus, it created alarm and added onto the support of Federalism, the idea of a stronger central government. The question is a bit vague on which direction it's heading so I hope this answer helps you out.

What is the sharing of power between state and the national government?