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A person who believes that war and violence are unjustifiable are called "pacifists". Some pacifists believe nonviolent action is actually more effective and morally superior to violent action, but others support violence for emergency self-defense or defense of others.

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Q: Those who oppose war are called?
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Is it every man's duty to fight in the war?

No, there must remain alternatives for those who oppose war as a matter of conscience.

What name was given to congressmen eager to go to war with Great Britain in 1812?

They were called "War Hawks." The name hawk continues to refer to those who support military action, as opposed to doves who oppose it.

Why did muhummad ali oppose the war?

"Because no VC ever called him a "N".

In the political arena eagles hawks doves are those who adamantly oppose war and doves hawks eagles are those who strongly support war?

doves are anti-war and hawks are pro-war doves;hawks

Who would be better to side with the people who opposed the war of Mexico or with those who supported it?

Oppose, wars are a bad thing, why would you support it

What are two arguments for those that oppose leveraged buyouts?

give two arguments that those who oppose LBOs might use

Did Whitman the civil war or oppose it?

He opposed it. After the death of Lincoln he wrote a poem called OH Captain MY Captain.

Why did German women oppose World War I?

I'm puzzled by the question. German women did not 'oppose World War 1'.

Why did allied forces oppose the Bolsheviks?

Communism called for the overthrow of capitalism. The revolution had weakened the Allied war effort.

Does a communist government oppose war?


Why did many northerners oppose to the civil war?

Didn't like the way Lincoln was running it. Some of these people were called copperheads.

Is it illegal to verbally oppose war?