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There are many things that have changed the national government. The initial setting up of the Constitution, not allowing segregation, and women's equal rights.

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Q: Three constitutional provisions that has helped to change your national government?
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What constitutional and other legal provisions does the Philippines have in dealing with climate change?

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What accounts for the ability of the constitutional to endure for more than 200 years?

built-in provisions for accommodating change

How did government in North Carolina change after 1731?

constitutional monarchy

When did constitutional government begin in England?

Constitutional monarchy is the type of government currently in place in England. The change from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy took place in 1688 with the Glorious Revolution.

How did the national convention change?

In the French Revolution, the National Convention or Convention, in France, comprised the constitutional and legislative assembly.

Why did the delegates decide to change the government and write a new constitution?

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Can the national government change state boundaries?


How did the role of government change during the progressive era?

How did the roar of the national government change during the war

What amendment reflected a changing attitude about the federal government?

several constitutional amendments reflect the change in attitude about?

How did the bourgeoisie and the Third Estate change French society?

They defied the Monarchy and the Clergy and demanded a constitutional government.

Why did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention want to change the structure of the existing central government?

The Articles were not strong enough to support a strong country. They were too weak and did not give the national government enough power. So, the delegates decided to come up with a new form of central governenment.

How did African Americans use national attention to change policy in state and local government in the 1950s and 1960s?

They used national attention and support to influence the national government to force the states to change civil rights and voting policies.