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1.french-sent ships, soldiers, land, supplies, and money

2.german-sent professional soldiers to train American army

3.Spain- led Spanish troops against British. It weakened and captured key British forts on Mississippi river and Golf Mexico

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In general, modern historians attribute the colonists' successful independence war to a few main factors: the Atlantic Ocean, diplomatic skill, and securing key victories. Otherwise, in the heat of battle, the patriots were usually outmatched by the British in terms of financial backing, land and naval superiority, and military discipline.

"General Atlantic"
One of the main advantages of the colonists' cause was that they were fighting on their home turf. To be successful in their bid for independence, they simply had to defend themselves from British invasion. Seeing as the Thirteen Colonies were separated from the British Isles by the Atlantic Ocean, British military logistics operations suffered considerably. The wartime central command of the British Armed Forces were centered in London, and orders took over two months to reach ground troops on colonial soil. By the time officers fighting in America received the messages, conditions would likely have changed dramatically and the orders would have been obsolete.

Diplomatic skill
Another advantage that the rebels managed to procure for themselves was the series of diplomatic agreements with other European powers. Particularly, the colonists allied themselves with the Bourbon kingdoms of France and Spain, both of which were eager to exact revenge on Great Britain for their humiliating defeat in the Seven Years' War. Later, Austria would declare support for her French ally and the Netherlands would also serve as a hostile distraction in British India. American diplomats also successfully secured the neutrality of Portugal, Great Britain's ancient ally. Thus, the British were left isolated and outnumbered without the support of any major European power, while the rebels had most of them on their side.

Key victories
While authorities in London needed to completely suppress the rebellion across the entirety of the Thirteen Colonies, the colonists only needed to win key victories during the conflict. Indeed, as it were, continental forces were generally on the back foot when faced with battle against British regulars. The British defeated the rebels in the majority of the battles, but the colonists' were able to win when it mattered most to them. This is especially seen in the Battles of Saratoga (which secured the Franco–American alliance) and Yorktown (afterwhich the British began to consider peace negotiations).

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The Continental Army were fighting for a big cause, their freedom and independence, which motivated them to fight hard and smart to win the war.

Hope that helps.

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Q: Three factors that helped the US win the American Revolution.?
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