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To run as an independent, a person must present a petition, signed by a specified number of voters who support his or her candidacy. Still another device is the write-in vote: A candidate's name that does not appear on the ballot can be written in by voters in a space provided for that purpose.

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Q: Through what two alternative methods can a candidate run for national election without the backing of a political party?
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What two political parties faced off in the election of 1828. Which candidate did each support?

The National Republicans and the Democrat Republicans

What public election run by government officials to determine which candidate will represent the party?

A primary election is a public election run by government officials to determine which candidate will represent a political party in a general election. It is a way for party members or registered voters to choose their party's nominee for a specific office. The winning candidate from the primary election will then go on to compete in the general election.

Favorite son in a presidential election?

In a presidential election, the term "favorite son" refers to a candidate who receives strong support from their home state. This candidate is often seen as a regional favorite and may attract local voters due to their strong ties to the state. However, it is important to note that a favorite son candidate typically struggles to gain widespread national support necessary for winning the election.

Which would offer the biggest advantage to a candidate in a national electronic?

The candidate who usually has the biggest advantage in a national election is the candidate endorsed by each party.

What is the meeting where a political party chooses its presidential candidate?

A convention is a meeting where the political party names its candidate for presidential election. Running parties hold this convention.

What best represents an election run by political party members to select a candidate to represent the party?

The sounds like a primary election.

Jackson defeated what National Republican candidate in the presidential election of 1832?


Why was the democratic national convention held?

To nominate the party candidate for the next president election.

When do pp hold conventions?

Political parties generally hold conventions during election years, typically in the summer before a national election. Conventions are used to nominate the party's candidate for president and to develop the party's platform.

The first political party to hold a national convention to nominate a presidential candidate?

the national republicans

What committee would send political leaders to certain states to campaign for their parties candidates?

The election committee sends leaders to states to campaign for their party's candidate.

What committee sends political leaders to certain states to campaign for their party's candidate?

The National Party Committee is responsible for sending political leaders to campaign for their party's candidate in specific states. They strategize on how to best allocate resources and leverage high-profile endorsements to boost the candidate's chances of winning. These campaign efforts typically involve targeting key swing states or districts where their support can make a significant impact on the election outcome.