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John Jay, sign, withdraw, betrayal, attack.

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Q: To solve the British crew stealing problem. The U.S. sends __________ to settle things. They _____ Jays Treaty. And the British agree to ______ troops. The French see this as _____ and ____ our ships.?
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As a result of what treaty did the French lose their colony in North America to the British?

Treaty of Utrecht, 1714

What treaty said the American colonists got help from the french?

No treaty states they had gotten help from the French, but the 1778 Treaty of Alliance stated that the French would help the American colonists against the attacking British.

Why were American troops needed by the french and British government?

Treaty of paris

Land that caused disputes between the french and british?

Treaty of pairs

Did jays treaty barred french and british warships from American ports?


What year did the French surrender Quebec to the British?

Treaty of Paris 1763. French surrendered much of their colonies to the British and gave Louisiana to Spain.

What was the name of the World War 1 peace treaty?

The Treaty of Versialles. they blames the French, British and Americans blamed Germany for everything.

When did the war with british and the french end and start?

Well in the war between the British and the French the British won and they signed of with the Treaty of Paris which is a document in were both sides signed up to stop the war but the citizens did not like it, it was too extrict and the british again gets a major part of the land.

The Revolution ended when the British King agreed to what treaty?

The Treaty of Paris (1783). Not to be confused with the Treaty of Paris (1763) which had concluded the French and Indian War (Seven Years War).

What role did the French Navy play in the British defeat at York?

What are all the terms of the treaty of Paris

Which nation was not involved with Treaty of Tordesillas?

The French and the British were restricted from the areas under Papal authority.

Why did the British take away Florida from the Spanish after the French and Indian war?

It was part of the Treaty of Paris of 1763. The treaty involved Spain, France, and England and ended the French and Indian War/Seven Years War.