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Any where from some degree to the nth degree depending upon your identification with your culture. Culture is learned. Those who apply what they learn are bound by those actions.

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Q: To what degree are you bound by your culture?
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Is management culture bound?

Management should not be bound by culture. It is important that managers recognizes the culture and adapt to work within it.

Is organisational change culture bound?

because change is culture related.

What is culture bound values?

Culture-bound values are beliefs, norms, and behaviors that are specific and unique to a particular culture. These values shape how individuals within that culture perceive and interact with the world around them. Culture-bound values can include attitudes towards family, religion, power dynamics, gender roles, and societal hierarchies.

Are management fundamentals culture bound?


Susto and awas are examples of?

culture bound syndrome

What is a group of people bound together by the same culture?

black cows

What does it mean to be Culturally bound?

To be tied to one's culture or beliefs. The "norm" or socially acceptable.

Is Art universal or culture bound?

babachoda sobai jara eter answer khuj6e :D

Do animals possess culture?

Animals can learn, they have a degree of intelligence, they have sentiments but they don't have (unfortunately) a culture.

What is the name of the culture-bound syndrome that involves a period of increased agitation and violence?

Ghost sickness

What is the diff between spiritual and religion?

SPIRITUAL INVOLVES DOMAIN THAT IS DE-LOCALISED, INFINITE AND BORDERLESS.. Religion is governed by culture, practices, customs, bound things including bound soul.

What was the culture of colonial Plymouth?

The culture of the Puritans in the Plymouth Rock colony was based around their religious beliefs. They recognized the freedom to elect leaders and were bound by their culture to help others. They based their lives on their interpretation of the Bible.