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One place to start - Federalist #10 by James Madison.

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Q: To what extent do pressure groups and special interests and political action committees contribute to the democratic process?
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What is the political arm of special interests groups?

Political action committees.

Did unions contribute money to US presidents?

Unions often have political action committees that contribute to presidential campaigns.

How do political action committees influence elections?

PACs contribute money to re-election campaigns.

Who collects voluntary contributions from an organization's employees oe members for the purpose of expressing the interests of a group?

PACs (Political Action Committees)

Lobbyists and these special-interests groups influence lawmakers' votes?

Political action committees influence lawmakers to vote in favor of their programs.

Corporations can contribute money to political campaigns by forming?

Political Action Committees (PACs), these are political arms of businesses, labors, trades, professional or other interest groups, legally authorized to raise funds on a voluntary basis from employees/ members to contribute to a candidate or political party. They can contribute $5000 per candidate per election and $15000 total in an election.

PACs tend to contribute money to?

PAC is the abbreviation of the Political Action Committee. The Political Action Committees usually tend to distribute money based on the party that is in power and the ideology.

Special interest groups can contribute money to candidates supporting their views on issues?

in establishing what special -interest groups can contribute money to candidates supporting their views on issues

How might democratic reforms and improved trade agreements contribute to a stronger economy in Mexico?

Democratic reform leads to political stability and human development which leads to improve productivity and economy.

What is the Political Arm of a special interest and what do they do?

Political action committees

The main downside of political action committees is?

The main downside of political action committees is their oppsition to democracy. Answer:their oppsition to democracy

What are the roles of political committees?

Political Committees are organizations set up by interest groups especially to collect money to support favored candidates.